From Caprica To Gallifrey: Her Universe Is Boldly Going…


Ladies, mark your calendars for July 11th and prepare for a wave of awesome over at Her Universe.

On July 11th not only will Her Universe be releasing new BSG and Warehouse 13 gear, but…they will also debut gear from their BRAND NEW LICENSE…DOCTOR WHO!

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Review: Jump From Paper and Into These Bags!


Jump From PaperĀ  creates bags and purses that seem to have jumped off the pages of a comic book and into real life. With their bold graphic look and bright colors, they’re definitely an eye catcher. The moment I saw them, I knew I had to own one and I’m happy to say mine arrived last week! I wanted to write a review of what I think of my purse, and to give you all a better idea of what one might look like in person.

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DIY Friday: Elastic Belt W/ Rhinestones, Black Widow Edition


I’m sure a lot of the ladies reading our blog enjoy cosplaying, or have friends who do, and today’s DIY is right up their alley! It’s the idea that some parts of your costume can easily be adapted or altered to make great accessories for an everyday or special occasion outfit. The possibilities are endless!

Today’s DIY is a very short and straightforward tutorial. In fact, I’m pretty sure from the pictures alone you can figure it out! But the purpose of today’s tutorial is really just to inspire and spark ideas for those that might not have thought of this kind of thing before.

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Etsy Picks of the Week: Game of Thrones (ASOIAF)

This week’s Etsy picks are selections for fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones…otherwise known as the book series A Song of Ice and Fire.

For fans of the book series, what went from a few minor selections available on Etsy has steadily turned into hundreds of items due to the growth of the fan-base through the popularity of the TV show. Regardless of whether you started with the books or the show, the only important thing (for shoppers, at least) is the ever growing selection of awesome items related to the story and its characters! Huzzah!

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Sparkle with Marvel from 1928 Jewelry


You may have noticed these two gems popping up on ThinkGeek recently (Bracelet here & earings here). These two pieces of jewelry are actually a part of a larger collection by 1928 Jewelry. They have teamed up with Marvel to release themed jewelry, and in my opinion, some great quality pieces for VERY affordable prices.

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DIY Friday: Fabric Covered Headband


One of the best things about checking out DIY tutorials is getting inspiration for other crafts! When Lindz posted up her tutorial on making a fabric covered belt, I thought of a different craft I could use the same materials for: a fabric headband.

This is a really fun and simple craft you could complete in about an hour or two from start to finish, and given the variety of geeky licensed fabric prints out there, there’s really no limit to the number of headbands (or belts!) you can make for yourself and your friends.

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Geek Chic (Internet) Finds of the Week!

Since I started working on this blog, I’m constantly on the lookout for new items that become available that might be of interest to you guys. I decided to compile a list of things I’ve come across lately online. The great thing is it seems like more and more stores are carrying awesome geeky items, although not always in their brick and mortar locations. So snatch these up quickly since they might not be around for long!

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Step Out In (Geek) Style

Last week news was released that Reebok would be releasing a line of Marvel-themed sneakers, complete with classic comic artwork on the insoles! Geek themed shoes aren’t uncommon, what with Reebok’s Voltron shoes in the past, and currently Adidas’s Star Wars shoes, and Converse’s DC Comic line.

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