DIY Friday: Elastic Belt W/ Rhinestones, Black Widow Edition


I’m sure a lot of the ladies reading our blog enjoy cosplaying, or have friends who do, and today’s DIY is right up their alley! It’s the idea that some parts of your costume can easily be adapted or altered to make great accessories for an everyday or special occasion outfit. The possibilities are endless!

Today’s DIY is a very short and straightforward tutorial. In fact, I’m pretty sure from the pictures alone you can figure it out! But the purpose of today’s tutorial is really just to inspire and spark ideas for those that might not have thought of this kind of thing before.

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DIY Friday: Transforming Pacman Headband


One of my first loves was video games so I was looking for something to make that would be fun and 8-bit. Pacman seemed like the perfect game to base something off of, and I came up with a great idea for an easy craft. The great thing about this headband is that you can switch it around depending on your mood!\

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