Irregular Choice Makes the Force Look Good


As we alluded to in our Force Friday post, the Star Wars shoe collection from Irregular Choice is something we’ve been looking forward to since we first spied them at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year. Finally the wait is over!

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The Geek Fashion Show at Comikaze



Last weekend, Scruffy and I had the pleasure of attending Comikaze both as panelists and as fans of the con. For us, the highlight of the con had to be the Geek Fashion Show. Seven designers had the opportunity to showcase their geek chic designs which ranged from dresses, to swim wear, and even shoes!

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Stunning Style: Look #11

This week’s Stunning Style is an oldie but a goodie in terms of theme and style – You can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans.

Paired with some fun sneakers and a DIY top, this is probably the most casual and simple ensemble I’ve shown you. But hey, it’s Voltron-themed, so, you know, you can’t go wrong!

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Stunning Style: Look #10


Now that we’re fully recovered and back home, let’s get back to business with today’s Stunning Style!

I wanted to create an outfit that would be great for going out. I pieced it together with some basic items and then added the geeky flair with accessories and a cute crop top.

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Step Out In (Geek) Style

Last week news was released that Reebok would be releasing a line of Marvel-themed sneakers, complete with classic comic artwork on the insoles! Geek themed shoes aren’t uncommon, what with Reebok’s Voltron shoes in the past, and currently Adidas’s Star Wars shoes, and Converse’s DC Comic line.

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Etsy Picks of the Week: Marvel/Avengers


I’m on Etsy quite often, as I’m sure some of you are as well. But as there’s sometimes an endless amount of wonderful handmade items on there, there’s always going to be some fantastic find you’ll miss. Oh no! With our Etsy Picks of the Week, we’re sharing some of the coolest items we’ve come across so hopefully you wont miss out on the good stuff.

I’m still riding high on the fun of the Avengers movie, so this week’s picks from Etsy are all Avengers/Marvel related. Clicking on the product image will open up that item’s sale page in a new window. Clicking on the seller’s name will open up their main store page in a new window.

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