Stunning Style: Look #11

This week’s Stunning Style is an oldie but a goodie in terms of theme and style – You can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans.

Paired with some fun sneakers and a DIY top, this is probably the most casual and simple ensemble I’ve shown you. But hey, it’s Voltron-themed, so, you know, you can’t go wrong!

Get This Look:

  • Top
      • This top might look familiar as it was part of a DIY I did on ripped shirts a few weeks back. You can check out the details here. The style of this DIY top has an exposed back, which means that if you wear a bra, it would most definitely show. But, that’s the point with some looks! Because I knew a bra would be seen, I intentionally wore something that would work with the rest of the outfit, in this case, a red bra. Go Red Lion!

  • Jeans
      • When I’m not in leggings, I’m in a pair of jeans. Jeans are great because they can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on what you wear it with. I’m a big fan of Lucky Brand jeans. What’s your preferred brand?

  • Shoes
      • I really love wearing heels and boots, but sneakers are great too, especially when they contribute to the theme of your outfit. Back in 2000 Reebok came out with Voltron themed shoes. I freaked out when this happened, but was pretty devastated when I learned that they were only released in men’s sizes…even the Blue Lion shoes – um, Princess Allura’s lion? Really? And in case you think, well, maybe they meant it to be Sven’s shoe, the shoe has PINK in it, so clearly it was an Allura/Blue Lion shoe and not a Sven/Blue Lion shoe (#endnerdrant). But products being only for men has never stopped me before, and this time was no exception.
      • Speaking of themed shoes, while Reebook was braving new territory over a decade ago with their beautifully designed and themed Voltron shoes, nowadays themed shoes are getting quite common, which is pretty awesome! Adidas is quite popular with their line of Star Wars shoes, Converse with their DC line of shoes, and Reebok has released Spider-Man, Avengers and X-Men themed shoes just this year. It’s still disappointing to see that very few of these companies are catering to women – all the Adidas shoes are in men’s sizes, for instance. But Converse DID release some of their shoes specifically for women, and Reebok has finally done the same, at least in terms of offering shoes specifically themed for women – though personally I’d get a pair of Captain Amerian sneakers well before I’d get a pair of Emma Frost or Black Widow sneakers, but hey, at least they’re trying.

This week’s look illustrates that sometimes you just need a few key pieces to make an inspired and iconic look. Hopefully it’s a good example of how you don’t need to stress or try too hard to put together an outfit that is geeky, fun, stylish, and most importantly, YOU!
We’re always on the look out for geeky style, so if you’ve got a look you’d like to show off, please share it with us on our Facebook Page!

(Photos by Greg De Stefano)

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