Etsy Picks of the Week: Marvel/Avengers


I’m on Etsy quite often, as I’m sure some of you are as well. But as there’s sometimes an endless amount of wonderful handmade items on there, there’s always going to be some fantastic find you’ll miss. Oh no! With our Etsy Picks of the Week, we’re sharing some of the coolest items we’ve come across so hopefully you wont miss out on the good stuff.

I’m still riding high on the fun of the Avengers movie, so this week’s picks from Etsy are all Avengers/Marvel related. Clicking on the product image will open up that item’s sale page in a new window. Clicking on the seller’s name will open up their main store page in a new window.

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Take a Dip in These Geek Chic Swimsuits


Having lived by the coasts most of my life, Memorial Day weekend always signifies the start of summer. Even better, it means I get to start buying cute swimwear. I scoured the internet to find the best licensed and handmade geek chic swimwear out there.

First comes this collection of DC comic swimsuits from Super Hero Stuff. They carry bikinis, monokinis, and board shorts featuring Super Girl, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

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DIY Friday: Let’s Get Ripped! Shirts, That Is…


It’s Friday, so let’s tear it up, literally, with today’s DIY! I love it when gals take old and/or overly large shirts and alter them into a fitted, trendy top. This is an especially fun thing to do with all the men’s shirts you find that have awesome geeky designs you love.

You want to wear that design, but you want to look cute wearing it, right? Me too, and so even though there are so awesome and crafty designers on places like eBay and Etsy selling ripped up, slashed, tied back and twisted geeky shirts, I decided to try my own hand at it.

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The Novo Geek: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!

If you’ve been following the The Novo Geek since its launch two weeks ago (you know, the makers of wonderfully chic geek items for every day use?), then you know you’re always in for a treat with each new piece they sell. But…you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Because you see, those first two weeks? They were just a test. Now in week 3, this is when the fun really begins…

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Oh, Mama! Find Your Chic at Geeky Mamas

If you’re looking for something unique, chic, fun and geeky – then Geeky Mamas is for you!

Geeky Mamas sells lovingly crafted purses, bags, aprons and more on their site and at their store in the Cerritos Mall. A family-run company, it’s immediately clear at the store, and if you meet them at a convention, that their geeky passion runs deep, and they truly put all of themselves into each item they make. You will rarely find such finely-crafted 100% handmade products anywhere else! Continue reading

New Gear to Flaunt from Her Universe

This past Friday marked the start of Star Wars Weekends. For those of you lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World between now and June 10th, you’ll get to experience shows, meet various Star Wars celebrities, and even eat some tasty treats. Even better, Her Universe released brand new goodies at SWW, but the best part is that they’re available to buy online TODAY!

Clone Wars Voice Actors Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) and James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan Kenobi)

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DIY Friday: Captain America Fabric Belt


Joann Fabric & Craft has been releasing some pretty nice licensed fabrics, so I wanted to create something that would allow me to buy a few of them, as well as, make something that was Avengers appropriate. At the time, I wasn’t able to find any fabrics that featured all of the Avengers (that has since been remedied), but I did pick up this neat Captain America print. I decided that would be perfect for my next project, a fabric belt!

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The Novo Geek: Week 2!

Hopefully you read our article last week about the launch of The Novo Geek.

If you didn’t, here’s the short version:

  • Awesome but subtle geek chic items for everyday use.
  • Each item available for ONE week, then gone.
  • Go buy now!

This week’s item is this stunning mini-scaled replica of the Battlestar Galactica.

Oh wait, I’m sorry, that’s actually a wickedly awesome USB drive!

Geek Chic Finds of the Week!


Every now and again we’d like to share items we happen to find during shopping excursions, so here’s the first! As I mention in our About page, I love to shop, and last week was no exception – I came across some great finds at Walmart, Target, and Hot Topic.

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Hello Kitty, Pretty and Pink

While Sephora and Hello Kitty aren’t strangers to teaming up, their new collections, which debuted at the beginning of May, were way too CUTE to pass up. Their summer collection consists of the Hello Kitty Pretty collection and the Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow fragrance collection. I headed to my local Sephora to check out the products in person.

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