If you’d like to tell us about a new product or have us review it, or just have some questions, feel free to contact us at (at)

6 comments on “Contact

  1. rebellradion says:

    This is awesome! We will feature you on our blog on May 9. Good luck from your Swedish fans.

  2. Katia Mavrellis says:

    Your website is really nice and it has very interesting things like the belt with the logos. I would die if you put something about how to make jewelery on your own. Thanks again!!

    Katia Mavrellis, 11 years old, Athens, Greece.

  3. taylor says:

    do you have an online store that i could purchase some items from? im in love with a few of your products and would love to rep them at the gym

    • Lindz says:

      We don’t actually sell items on our blog, we post other companies’ products. If there’s a specific post you’re thinking of, a link to said company should be there.

  4. Rachel says:

    Is there a website where I can purchase the “book of life fabric?”

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