Newly Released Geeky Licensed Fabrics


When you rely on making stuff to compliment your geeky outfits, finding out that new licensed fabric has been released at Joann is a very exciting thing! I came across some of these designs a month ago, but they recently got a new license, Star Trek! So for those of you who love making geeky stuff like we do, here are some of the new fabrics you can find at your local (or online) Joann fabric.

logoxprd12083531_z background 12 93100003 - Simpsons Cotton

Usually, I’m drawn to the Marvel fabric first, so here are a few fabric I haven’t seen before. I especially love their vintage comics look.

xprd11366465_z xprd11366481_z xprd11366499_z

Next is the ever popular Star Wars collection. I’m completely in love with the blue print fabrics, so I had to buy both. Not sure what I’ll do with these yet.

xprd12033486_z background 12 xprd12033510_z xprd12033502_z

Next came DC stuff. I was ECSTATIC to find that they now offer some super heroines. I’ve seen some stuff before online, but I love that it was actually available in store. One of the male employees was also excited to see this fabric offered. I definitely have plans for that fabric, so keep an eye out on future Stunning Styles.

xprd12083549_z xprd12083531_z xprd12083515_z

And last, but definitely not least, the new Star Trek fabrics. I actually haven’t seen these in person yet, but definitely plan on checking them out as soon as I can.

93100003 - Simpsons Cotton 63100012 - Star Trek Cotton 93100003 - Simpsons Cotton 93100003 - Simpsons Cotton

The best part is that most of these are on sale right now. Most likely the sale only runs through the 12th, so make sure you grab your fabric while you can! If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with your fabric, check out our DIY Friday archive. You could easily make a gathered skirt, a purse cover, or even a no-sew headband. Let us know what you do make by posting either here or on our Facebook page. Speaking of, we currently have a poll on our page, so make sure to answer it!

(All images obtained from Joann website)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Joann Fabric and Craft Stores and are not compensated for our recommendations.)

3 comments on “Newly Released Geeky Licensed Fabrics

  1. I love these fabrics! I can imagine many uses for all of them. My sons would love to have any of the Star Wasrs fabrics as their curtains and as fort-building material. I am quite fond of the Star Trek fabrics.

  2. minavilly says:

    I might have to get the blueprint fabric, even though I am a Jedi at heart, and make some sort of cover or something out of it.

  3. The vintage style marvel fabrics look ace!

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