New Geeky Swims for the Spring and Summer


Now that it’s spring, that means that summer is just around the corner. What better way to prepare for upcoming warm weather than to get some great geeky swimsuits for the poolside or beach? Here’s this year’s selection.

174097_av1 TheRingSwim_02_1024x1024image-bikibatbandmono-0-shswatermark

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STS Spotlight: The Bag Depot


I’ve been eager to share today’s STS Spotlight with you because I had the opportunity to see these bags first hand and be part of their geeky themed photo shoot featuring the products. The Bag Depot features handmade purses, bags, and totes made using various fabric prints that feature some of our favorite characters and themes.


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Stunning Style: Look #26


It happened both slowly and suddenly, but somehow much of my wardrobe has quickly been taken over by spandex clothing/Black Milk!


Since Black Milk has a new release coming out tonight which includes some NEW Star Wars pieces, this week’s Stunning Style features one of the earlier pieces from their Star Wars Collection, and the different ways you can dress it up/down and accessorize it.

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This is the Nylon You’re Looking For


It seems that Black Milk Clothing still has more in store for us when it comes to Star Wars related nylon. In their upcoming release, we get the chance to once again get our hands on new pieces, even some of my favorite to boot. Here’s what they have in store for us:


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STS Spotlight: Warpzone Prints


As we’ve discussed here before, being geek chic isn’t limited to only your wardrobe, but can also be a part of your home life too! Warpzone Prints encompasses that notion with their beautifully geeky, 3D printed cookie cutters.

il_570xN.434422739_eqnw il_570xN.418427144_k65l il_570xN.419953071_4ghe


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DIY Friday: Shredded Logo Shirt


Lindz and I love Pinterest, and (hint hint) you can find Set to Stunning on there! Pinterest is a great source for craft ideas, because pretty much any DIY you find on there can be tweaked to be a geeky DIY!

Nightwing Shredded LogoI pinned this shredded shirt DIY and couldn’t wait to put a geek twist on it. While it lacked detailed instructions, the step-by-step images made it clear what needed to be done. I’ve provided instructions in this DIY to hopefully make each step pretty clear.

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Black Milk LIMITED TIME Free Shipping

Black Milk Clothing, the beloved spandex company of many a geek gal, is currently offering Free Shipping. But, you need to hurry, as the free shipping offers ends FRIDAY, 5pm AEST! That’s Australia time, so be aware that the time difference basically means this deal ends late Thursday night. So if you’ve been wanting to purchase a piece, now is a great time to save at least $12 by not having to pay shipping fees.

BM Free Shipping

Don’t forget though – if you order over $200 in the US, you WILL incur customs fees. So just make sure to place multiple orders that all total less than $200 to avoid getting charged those customs fees. And why not? With Free Shipping, this is the only time placing multiple orders makes sense!

Happy Shopping fellow Geek Sharkies!