STS Spotlight: Warpzone Prints


As we’ve discussed here before, being geek chic isn’t limited to only your wardrobe, but can also be a part of your home life too! Warpzone Prints encompasses that notion with their beautifully geeky, 3D printed cookie cutters.

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These cookie cutters were brought to my attention through a friend on twitter, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see them. They probably have the largest collection of geek inspired cookie cutters that I’ve seen to date. Created using a home 3D printer, the cutters range from Doctor Who, to various video games, to My Little Pony.

il_570xN.410722520_cb0s         il_570xN.419953071_4ghe

The prices are very reasonable ranging from as low as $4.50 to about $48.00 for a set of 8 Doctor Who cutters.


Not only do they great these great cookie cutters, but they also make some beautiful laser cut items too. I’m especially fond of the Wooden Hyrule Treasure Chest.


You can find Warpzone Prints on both Facebook and Twitter for updates on when new items are added to the shop.

2 comments on “STS Spotlight: Warpzone Prints

  1. Mary Merced says:

    Hi, do you mind if i ask you where you got your my little pony cutter set? Or where i can buy them. Thanks.

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