Stunning Style: Look #25


After a bit of a hiatus, Stunning Styles are back! Today’s style is also a little different than what we typically do.


Get This Look:

130309_SetToStunning_0814 130309_SetToStunning_0817 130309_SetToStunning_0823

If you recall from this post, I made a piranha plant dress (inspired from Mario Bros. games) for comic-con. My goal for the outfit was to put together something that was both geeky and stylish, but that would also look great at a cocktail party.


  • Dress
      • The key to keeping this more formal than casual were the fabric choices. I went with sequins because I felt that added a bit more glitz to the overall look. I even sewed sequins onto the white circles to keep the top of the dress consistent.
      • For the skirt, I wanted something that wouldn’t compete with the top, but that also had some some of its own shine. I went with a thicker green satin to add some body for the leaves


  • Accessories
      • The accessories were all hand made to go along with the dress. I took a pair of black heels and painted them to look like a Mario pipe. I used this tutorial to make sure the paint didn’t chip off and could survive the wear.
      • I created a pair of chomp chomp earrings due to being low on time, but I definitely plan on upgrading to these since they’re impeccably made.
      • Lastly, I made a “dead Mario” hair pin to add a bit of whimsy. It definitely borders the line of costumey though, so it’s something that isn’t needed to make the outfit.

While this wasn’t a typical Stunning Style post, I hope that it gave you ideas and inspiration on how you can make a unique and geeky outfit. Don’t be afraid to even make something a little more glamorous! As always, we love when others show us their geeky style, so feel free to share with us here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

(Photos by Greg De Stefano)

3 comments on “Stunning Style: Look #25

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  2. Trude says:

    This turned out gorgeous! Love the attention to detail with the shoes and earrings. Hope to see you gals at Wondercon!

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