STS Spotlight: The Bag Depot


I’ve been eager to share today’s STS Spotlight with you because I had the opportunity to see these bags first hand and be part of their geeky themed photo shoot featuring the products. The Bag Depot features handmade purses, bags, and totes made using various fabric prints that feature some of our favorite characters and themes.


Each bag is impeccably sewn, very sturdy, and many feature at least one pocket on the inside. They use both licensed and custom printed fabrics to create their bags and sometimes even embellish them with hand painted designs.

602888_542771525767875_1897698002_n                                                 60438_544610935583934_22532870_n

They come in two main sizes, 14in x12in for a thinner, taller bag, or if you prefer something a little wider, you can pick up the 18in x11in bag. They even offer a bag that allows you to switch out the covers depending on your mood.

582445_544221642289530_837916517_n                               577236_544221805622847_666879682_n

Probably my favorite part is they cater to virtually every fandom. Whether you’re a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, comics, or even video games, they probably have a bag for you. If they don’t, mostly likely they will soon! They also take requests, so don’t hesitate to ask.

        544481_548543965190631_1323324551_n                               576596_546660602045634_241043636_n

I think these would be great bags to have at a convention, and I was lucky enough to come home with this Tetris bag. Definitely follow them on Facebook for updates on new fabrics and bags that they have.


3 comments on “STS Spotlight: The Bag Depot

  1. Love the Han one, especially the stripe detail like his costume! Excellent! Will be ordering one soon hopefully…

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