Geek Chic Holiday Gift Guide: Bags of Holding



Christmas is upon us once again! While this year’s Gift Guides are coming out a lot later than planned, it’s never too late for now (been watching too much 30 Rock), and for any of you last minute shoppers still scrambling for gift ideas, hopefully these lists will help you out!

But be quick, most online shops need you to order no later than Friday (today!) to arrive by Christmas. First up on our gift guides, some of our favorite purses/bags that will look great under the tree.


Wonder Woman Canvas Satchel


Firefly Kaylee Messenger Bag


The Sprite Bag


Uhura Makeup Bag/Clutch


TOS Pattern Purse


Tricorder Messenger Bag


Star Wars Bowling Bag Style Purses


Star Wars Comic Print Faux Leather Duffle


Darth Vader Dark Side Black Patent Dome Bag


Ariel Turquoise Dome Bag


Tinkerbell Navy Embossed Shoulder Bag


Hello Kitty Laser Cut Tote

(All images are the property of their respective owners.)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to DC Comics, ThinkGeek, StarTrek.Com, Loungefly, Disney, or Lucasfilm, and are not compensated for our recommendation.)

2 comments on “Geek Chic Holiday Gift Guide: Bags of Holding

  1. […] have a series of lists this year, but I think their Geeky Decor list is the most interesting. The Bags & Purses list is a (very) close second, […]

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