Get in the Spirit: Geek Out Your Pumpkin This Halloween


With Halloween right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to highlight some great geeky pumpkins that you can either buy or make yourself.

Often seen at conventions, The Pumpkin Geek carves intricate portraits of popular film, TV and game characters into craft pumpkins.







While it’s too late at this point to order a pumpkin in time for this Halloween, you should definitely consider ordering one for next year.  A custom carved pumpkin from The Pumpkin Geek is sure to impress for years to come. We’ve seen them in person and they really make you stop in your tracks!

Now if you’re feeling more creative, theses are some pumpkins that have popped up that you can draw inspiration from.

This Cinderella pumpkin was originally seen in Hallmark magazine (which has since ceased publication), but Kinser Event Company has posted how to recreate it.

Joh-wee carved this great Hogwarts crest pumpkin.

This Death Star pumpkin by LuckyCricketArt glows in the dark.

This Hello Kitty pumpkin would be very easy to recreate with a white pumpkin and some construction paper.

This Tardis pumpkin is larger on the inside.


Some craft paint can transform your pumpkin into our favorite boy wizard.

This great instuctable shows how you can pay homage to Portal with either a turret pumpkin or Wheatley pumpkin.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can build this robotic Dalek pumpkin.

We hope these pumpkins will give you some great ideas for either this year or next. If you have any great geeky pumpkins you’ve created for this year, we’d love to see them!
Post either a link in the comments or on our Facebook page.

One comment on “Get in the Spirit: Geek Out Your Pumpkin This Halloween

  1. Amazing! The pumpkins geek’s work is awesome!

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