Geek Fashion For Zombies With Living Dead Clothing



Australia is home to not one, but two, awesome clothing companies ready to dress the geeks of the world! Launched in 2012, Living Dead Clothing is one of the many companies to have started in their wake, making their unique mark on the spandex clothing world with their design motif of chibi and zombiefied character artwork. Featuring mashups of fandoms, from Disney Princesses dressed as the Doctors to Batman characters as kitties, their designs and artwork set them, and your wardrobe, apart!

batgirlleggings3_1024x1024Chibi Bat Girl

chibicatwomen4_1024x1024Chibi Cat Women

chibiivyleggings3_1024x1024Chibi Ivy

chibiwwleggings3_1024x1024Chibi Wonder

chibibatcollection-dress1_1024x1024Chibi Bat Collection


drwho-princessleggings1_1024x1024Dr Princesses

majorasmaskleggings3_1024x1024Majora’s Mask

marioswimsuit3_1024x1024Muz Reunion

residentevilleggings1_1024x1024Resident Evil

spacemanleggings1_1024x1024Spaceman Invaders


zeldaleggings1_1024x1024Chibi Zelda

zeldaswim1_1024x1024Chibi Zelda Swim

(All photos belong to Living Dead Clothing)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Living Dead Clothing and are not compensated for our recommendation.)

3 comments on “Geek Fashion For Zombies With Living Dead Clothing

  1. Miss Meow says:

    LDC is awesome! I have a big collection already and plan to continue growing it. Highly recommend their awesome geeky goodies to everyone =^_^=

  2. I can attest to the quality personally! I have several pieces from Living Dead Clothing and the quality actually really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting bad, but it’s amazing how vivid and high quality the prints are. 🙂

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