Stunning Style: Look #17


While I generally like to stay away from standard t-shirts and graphics like this in favor of of more artistic designs and flattering top shapes, you can never really go wrong with a t-shirt. There are many ways to start with a t-shirt and add layers or accessories to make your overall look more stylish.

Paring a shirt like this with a pair of fitted jeans, cute heels and an adorable bag make for a fun, stylish and casually chic ensemble.

Get This Look:

  • Top
      • I picked up this “Save the Trees” Ewok shirt at the Star Tours store in Disneyland a few years ago in the hopes of one day pulling together an Ewok themed outfit. It’s made by Junk Food Clothing and you can still find it for sale sometimes on eBay or Amazon. I also found this online store that still carries it:

  • Pants
      • Jeans can be a great neutral piece to an ensemble if you already have a lot of color or matching going on in the outfit. With all the shades of brown already in the ensemble, the jeans help keep a balance to the look. I saw this Ewok shirt paired with some red jeans though, and the combination was fantastic. Bold colors can make a great statement.

  • Shoes
      • These brown heeled sandals pair well with a casual or dressy outfit, and the shade of brown matched well with the colors in my purse and shirt. I picked up these heels from DSW a few years back. At a great discount of course! You can find great shoes at places like DSW and Target, just keep an eye on their discounted and clearance selections.

  • Accessories
      • My Ewok bag from Geeky Mamas is one of my most beloved possession and it makes a great statement piece to any outfit! I am complimented on this bag whenever I use it, and it really pulls the Ewok ensemble outfit together.
        I really hope more companies start coming out with stylishly designed and cute geeky bags like this one.
      • A piece of jewelry can take your outfit from being plain casual, to stylishly casual. I added this beaded cuff bracelet to my look to add a bit of sparkle and fun! Loads of stores like Target, Forever21, Claire’s, etc.,  carry simple, cute and inexpensive bracelets and other baubles. Lovely items go on sale frequently as stores change their style seasons, so always keep a look out!

As always, we’d love to see what outfits you’ve pulled together. Share your outfits and your inspirations on our Facebook Page, or our  Twitter. And Don’t forget, we’re on Instagram too (username: settostunning)!

(Model Photos by Greg De Stefano)

2 comments on “Stunning Style: Look #17

  1. That bag may be the cutest thing I have seen all week.

  2. […] worn these shoes before, with my Captain America and Ewok looks. Brown is a great color to have in your shoe collection, especially for geek-themed clothing. […]

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