Oh, Mama! Find Your Chic at Geeky Mamas

If you’re looking for something unique, chic, fun and geeky – then Geeky Mamas is for you!

Geeky Mamas sells lovingly crafted purses, bags, aprons and more on their site and at their store in the Cerritos Mall. A family-run company, it’s immediately clear at the store, and if you meet them at a convention, that their geeky passion runs deep, and they truly put all of themselves into each item they make. You will rarely find such finely-crafted 100% handmade products anywhere else!

I discovered Geeky Mamas last year when a friend on Facebook tagged one of their items for me to look at, an Ewok-inspired apron. It was incredibly unique and cute in its styling, and I was immediately interested in whatever company it was that was making such wonderful items! On their site I found the bag of my dreams – a Boba-Fett themed bag in beautifully rich colors. It was clear that this company was special and quite unlike anything I’d seen before. I loved it. What I loved even more was that they had a physical location in Southern California! I immediately took off for the store to immerse myself in their wonderfully chic, artsy and original creations.

On my first visit there, I ended up coming away with one of their Ewok-inspired purses instead of a Boba-Fett themed bag because, well, it was a really cute purse! I have NEVER been complimented and questioned so much about anything I own the way I have since I bought that purse. I get stopped all the time with people complimenting my cute bag and asking me where I got it. It’s a testament to how expertly crafted their items are that my bag is still in beautiful, perfect condition after over a year of using it as my daily purse. That bag has been everywhere, and it shows no wear whatsoever!

Every item they sell is 100% handmade, unique and one-of-a-kind. Not a single item is the same, they’re all different in some special way whether through use of different fabric, buttons, style of bag, etc.! You’re sure to find something at Geeky Mamas that just says YOU.

While they’re mainly active on their Facebook, if you’re local to Southern California I would absolutely recommend visiting their brick & mortar store. The Geeky Mamas store is as unique and one-of-a-kind as their items, and it’s a treat and an experience to visit! I wish more stores were designed to be so inviting to the customer, so lovingly designed and truly “geek”. The family is the nicest you’ll ever meet, and if you have the opportunity to meet Joel, the owner, you’ll quickly see for yourself the passion behind the company, how much of their heart is in each product, and how all they want is to make nice things for YOU! If you don’t see something at the store you like, would like something a little different or have something specific you’d like created, they are happy to discuss custom orders with you.

If you needed any further examples of how interested in and giving they are to the geek community, look no further than this darling Princess Leia-inspired purse they made and then donated in order to help raise funds for Princess Leah, a very sick little baby the entire Star Wars community has rallied together to support.

If you don’t have an opportunity to stop by their store, then hopefully you’ll catch them at a local convention! They just had a booth at Long Beach Comic Expo a few weekends ago, so fingers crossed they’ll set up shop at another local con or two later this year.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up-to-date with each new creation they come out with, like this wicked Artoo-inspired dress, or this Little Mermaid themed apron!

So of course the question by now is, are you a Geeky Mama?

Ludo thinks so…

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Geeky Mamas and are not compensated for our recommendation.)

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