Geek Chic Finds of the Week!


Every now and again we’d like to share items we happen to find during shopping excursions, so here’s the first! As I mention in our About page, I love to shop, and last week was no exception – I came across some great finds at Walmart, Target, and Hot Topic.

My first finds of the week were at Walmart. I always find a geeky gem or two at Walmart whenever I go there. In fact, the main reason I go into a Walmart is to see what new awesome geeky merchandise they have! If you’ve never been to one, you really should – they have some super cute stuff sometimes. Right now they have some fun Supergirl and Wonder Woman clothing in stock. I picked up this lovely crop top with a distressed Superman logo on the front. What I really love about this shirt is the flocking used on the red part of the logo.

I also picked up a pair of Supergirl lounge pants with red glittery accents, and some Wonder Woman pajama booty shorts. Unfortunately the Walmart website does not keep up-to-date with what they carry in their stores, so you’ll need to swing by your local Walmart to see if any of these items are in stock!

My next find of the week was at Hot Topic. Hot Topic has been coming out with a lot of cute geeky tops for gals lately, especially ones that aren’t just your standard t-shirt style. I fell in love with this Batman logo crop top as soon as I saw it in the store (I knew it’d go perfect with my Black Milk Harley Quinn leggings!).

During another trip to Hot Topic I spied these super cute and glittery Wonder Woman sandals – ON SALE! It was a no-brainer to pick these up. They’re on sale on the website as well, so if your local Hot Topic is out, you can still get a great deal through the website.

My last find of the week was at Target, and this was actually an awesome home decor find. Pottery Barn teamed up with Lucasfilm a few years ago and provides some high-end, stylish Star Wars bedding and other items. Yes, it’s for “kids”, but that’s never stopped me before. If the Pottery Barn pricing is a bit steep for you, then you should really check out Target’s bedding collection right now. While still not cheap, it’s more affordable than the Pottery Barn line, and I prefer the design of this bedding far more. As soon as my boyfriend and I spied these pillows (check out the Spiderman ones too!), we instantly grabbed them off the shelves.

And my boyfriend, who usually reins in MY crazy shopping lust, even bought the gorgeous quilt that goes along with the pillows! We’re pretty in love with the collection right now. You can find the collection online at, but some of the items, like the pillows, aren’t available on the site anymore so you’ll need to swing by your local Target and see if you get lucky.

Feel free to share with us on Facebook and Twitter any great local finds you might come across. Fellow geeks would love to know what awesome finds are out there that they’d hate to miss out on!

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Walmart, Target or Hot Topic and are not compensated for our recommendation.)

4 comments on “Geek Chic Finds of the Week!

  1. To me, the best part is that the Star Wars pillows go awesome with my Astros gear. It’s that same beautiful brick red color. (Hey, baseball is totally nerdy.)

  2. Megan says:

    I picked up that batman tee at Hot Topic – needed some new Geek Gear to wear to the Phoenix ComiCon this weekend! Thanks for the tip. That top is amazing.

  3. […] page to write up a post on some geek chic sleepwear. While we have featured some stuff like in this post or this post, we haven’t ever had a comprehensive post on what type of sleepwear is out […]

  4. Reda Swanton says:

    Bedding collections that are displayed in our local store are really expensive but they look great. ^

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