Cozy Up in These Stylish, Geeky Pajamas


We had a request on our Facebook page to write up a post on some geek chic sleepwear. While we have featured some stuff like in this post or this post, we haven’t ever had a comprehensive post on what type of sleepwear is out there. Here’s what I managed to round up!


Batman Plush Pant

Batman Fleece Sleep Shirt

Marvel Comic Boxer Shorts
These are currently unavailable online, but make sure to check your local store.


Batman Tee and Jogger PJ Set

Animal Peace Tee and Shorts


Sassy Bambi Sleep Set

Cleo Sleep Shirt

Dumbo Sleep Set

Her Universe

BSG Pajama Tank and Shorts

This is the only offering from Her Universe now, but I’m sure we’ll see even more from them in the future!


Batman Camisole and Panty Set

Wonder Woman Cami and Panty Set

Supergirl Pink Symbol Sleep Shorts


Superman Lounge Pants

Multipattern Batman Sleep Shorts

One thing I noticed was that the selection widely varies. If you’re a fan of Batman, you have lots of options. Unfortunately, there’s a severe lack of stylish sleepwear that is based on video games, Dr. Who, Star Wars and Star Trek, just to name a few. As always, I’ll keep an eye out for new stuff as it becomes available, and hope that we’ll get more variety in the future. In the mean time, I think we may have to come up with a DIY solution! If you have any theme posts you’d like to see, let us know here or on our Facebook page!

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Walmart, TopShop, Target, Her Universe, SuperHeroStuff, or Aimerfeel, and are not compensated for our recommendations.)

2 comments on “Cozy Up in These Stylish, Geeky Pajamas

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Might I also suggest checking the boys section at Walmart and Target, and other stores?

    Years and years and YEARS ago, before geek was in for ladies, I was in search of a Batman set of sleep shorts. I couldn’t find any in the girls or women’s section, but I found them in the boys section (I forgot which store I was at… it was a LONG time ago!). I ended up getting an XL in the boys boxers, and they fit perfectly! I still have them today. They’re a bit worn and the colors have faded a bit, but they are still my comfiest set of sleep shorts!

    To this day, whenever I want some geeky style something (Star Wars, comics, etc), I do check the girls and ladies sections, but more times than not, I am more successful in the boys section, getting L/XL in the boxer shorts or L/XL in shirts (sizing can differ slightly depending on the manufacturer). A little odd, yes, but it works! ^_^

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