Thais Gusmao Collection Launches Geek Fashion To New Heights


While we focus on American companies for the majority of our geeky goods, companies overseas continue to take the cake in producing some of the most incredible geek chic items to date. First there was the French footwear company Andre that produced a licensed line of fabulous Wonder Woman and Catwoman designed shoes. Now Brazilian apparel company Thais Gusmão has collaborated with DC Comics on a line of clothing and accessories that is unlike anything the geek fashion world has ever seen.


The DC Collection by Thais Gusmão has truly revolutionized geek chic fashion. While companies like Lazy Oaf and Topshop have produced fun, cute and stylish DC licensed clothing in the past, nothing compares to this new collection. It is the boldest statement to date in its blending of sophisticated fashion and artistic geek style.

While we’ve looked at some lingerie and pajamas before, the pieces from Thais Gusmão offer a wide variety of looks. Their nightwear ranges from your standard comfy and cute pajama wear with the familiar novelty flair, to sexy designer styled satin robes and shorts featuring wildly stylish art incorporating familiar superhero motifs.


pijama_summer_arlequina_vermelho_01_1Their lingerie provides the same breadth of options as their nightwear, ranging from fun and flirty bras and panties to more sensual pieces like their Catwoman corset, complete with garter belt straps. Meow!



As if the nightwear and lingerie collections weren’t enough to send most geek fashionistas into a swoon, they are just one part of the overall collection which additionally provides us with swimswear, tops, and various accessories. The classic Catwoman print on their cardholder and shoes offers a classy blending of high-end designer style and geek flare. It’s like the geek version of a Louis Vuitton-esque design!


But there is one major flaw with DC Comics collaborating with non-US companies, and that is that it makes it next to impossible for anyone outside those countries to get their hands on these truly phenomenal licensed goods. If you weren’t local to France, for example, the Andre collection was practically unattainable.

necessaires_cetim_vilas_colorido_01_1While the Thais Gusmão website mentions international orders, the checkout on their website does not allow a non-Brazil option. We reached out to them regarding this issue and they are currently looking into it. When they get back to us on this matter, you can be sure we’ll let you know! You can also follow them on Facebook if you want to keep tabs yourself on images and updates regarding the collection.

regata_canelada_vilas_pele_01Meanwhile, a collection like this, as with the Andre collection, has us wondering – why in the world are US companies not creating beautiful geek chic pieces at the caliber of these foreign companies? Geek chic fashion is a strong and viable market that continues to grow and grow. Hopefully more US companies will start getting on board with more artistically designed, fashionably stylish items, and expand beyond the novelty pieces that mainly appeal to our inner child.

legging_feminina_cirre_vilas_colorido_03What would you buy if you had the chance? I’ve literally lost my mind over these bold and beautiful leggings, I think they’re the gem of the entire collection. For those who might be experiencing a bit of sticker shock, Google does not convert the currency correctly if you try to translate the page into English – so just remember, amounts shown on the website are actually double what they would be in US currency. Also, any piece that does not say “Comprar” means it is currently Sold Out. I was devastated, as I’m sure many of you were, to see those leggings sold out. But, don’t fret! We’ve heard from the company that those super amazing leggings ARE coming back in stock.


That’s right ladiesTiaras!

(All images belong to Thais Gusmão/DC Comics)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Thais Gusmão, and are not compensated for our recommendations or reviews.)

One comment on “Thais Gusmao Collection Launches Geek Fashion To New Heights

  1. Dimas says:

    I really love Thais Gusmão… And we men not let aside. Men’s underwear, tops and bottoms are really awesome pieces. I have lots, including Aquaman beachwear! 😉

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