DIY Friday: No-Sew Star Trek Headband

Last week when I was at the Star Trek convention in Vegas, I was playing around figuring out a Star Trek headband when, unknowingly to me, my partner Lindz was whipping up a Star Wars headband for last Friday’s DIY!

Clearly great minds think alike. Even better, Lindz showed one way to do a no-sew headband, and today I’m illustrating another way you can do a no-sew headband.

Supplies Needed:

  • Fabric Headband
  • Fabric
  • Self-Adhesive Felt
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Heat-N-Bond
  • Glue
  • Iron

The most common no-sew way of covering a headband with fabric is glue like E-6000 or by using a glue gun. But while working on another project I figured out that Heat-N-Bond is a wonderful no-sew, no-mess, option as well. If you’re not familiar with Heat-N-Bond, it’s a roll of iron-on-adhesive…so basically an iron-on sheet of glue!

I ironed on a strip of Heat-N-Bond to the fabric I was going to use, peeled the backing off the other side of the Heat-N-Bond, and then ironed on the fabric to the headband. Obviously you need to be using a fabric-covered headband as opposed to a plastic one in order to have something for the Heat-N-Bond to adhere to. Once the fabric is adhered to the top part of the headband, it’s a simple process of folding over the sides of the fabric and using the tip of the iron to adhere the excess fabric to the inside of the headband. This Star Trek headband is specifically Next Generation, so I only covered 3/4 of the headband so that I could make it resemble the cut of the Starfleet uniform.

I cut the delta insignia out of sticky back felt. Sticky back felt is useful as it gives me a clean felt finish on one side, but I don’t have to worry about making a mess with the felt on the other side. I used the sticky side of the felt to attach my fabric, gold leather in this case, and rhinestones. I would recommend using a glue like E-6000 to properly adhere the rhinestones though.

At this point the headband is pretty much complete and there are a few ways you can choose to finish it. I used E-6000 to adhere the delta insignia pieces together. Now, you can make this symbol a permanent part of the headband by gluing it to the headband, or you can make the symbol more versatile by gluing snaps to the back of it and to the headband. By using snaps, you can snap the symbol onto the headband, or snap it off and snap it onto a hair clip or barrette and wear it on its own. That way you end up with two hair pieces to wear around!

This is a quick and clean project that only takes about an hour or two to put together. I did most of this while watching an episode of Grimm. Hopefully this DIY inspires you to make something, and maybe gives you some ideas and options you weren’t familiar with! As always, we’d love to see what geeky things you make, whether inspired by our DIYs or not, so please feel free to contact us or share it on our Facebook Page.

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