DIY Friday: No-Sew Star Trek Headband

Last week when I was at the Star Trek convention in Vegas, I was playing around figuring out a Star Trek headband when, unknowingly to me, my partner Lindz was whipping up a Star Wars headband for last Friday’s DIY!

Clearly great minds think alike. Even better, Lindz showed one way to do a no-sew headband, and today I’m illustrating another way you can do a no-sew headband.

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DIY Friday: Fabric Covered Headband


One of the best things about checking out DIY tutorials is getting inspiration for other crafts! When Lindz posted up her tutorial on making a fabric covered belt, I thought of a different craft I could use the same materials for: a fabric headband.

This is a really fun and simple craft you could complete in about an hour or two from start to finish, and given the variety of geeky licensed fabric prints out there, there’s really no limit to the number of headbands (or belts!) you can make for yourself and your friends.

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DIY Friday: Transforming Pacman Headband


One of my first loves was video games so I was looking for something to make that would be fun and 8-bit. Pacman seemed like the perfect game to base something off of, and I came up with a great idea for an easy craft. The great thing about this headband is that you can switch it around depending on your mood!\

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