Set to Stunning @ SDCC


Sorry for the lack of post on Friday, we were knee deep in San Diego Comic Con. To make up for it, here are some geek chic items and some great geeky outfits we saw this year.

The best selection of geek chic items were definitely around the Star Wars pavilion. Her Universe had a great sized booth right out front featuring a bunch of their new designs.

Right around the corner, I spotted these light saber lamps that would make a great geek statement in any home.

Rock Rebel Shop normally has some great Star Wars themed handbags, and this year was no exception.

Scruffy picked up this great black and white print bag.

They also had a good selection of wallets and jewelry pieces.

While walking by Pendragon Costumes, I spotted these lovely superhero leather bags.

They also had some geeky dresses hanging on a rack.

How CUTE is this print of all the different Doctors?

The Novo Geek had these great Star Trek ties at their booth and also this great Battlestar Galactica tank.

Lastly, I spotted these great earrings and necklaces at Crystal Caste. Perfect for those of you who love tabletop gaming.

Not only were there great items, I also ran into some great outfits that were put together or constructed.

You can actually recreate these Dalek dresses by following this video tutorial.

I ran into this cutie who is a geek in training. She wears it well!

Our next post will feature our experience at the Geek Girl Trendsetters panel. Did anyone get a chance to go to comic con? Did I snap a photo of you or did you see some great stuff that I didn’t feature? This year was pretty great and I’m already plotting for next year!


2 comments on “Set to Stunning @ SDCC

  1. LillianSkye says:

    I love Ashley and Her Universe~ Such a great role model and such an amazing company for fangirls in the force! 🙂

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