Marvelous New Items from Tokidoki

Tokidoki is probably one of my favorite companies when it comes to Marvel gear, and I love how they continue to expand on the characters they feature. They just recently released their Spring 2013 line, so I wanted to see what items they had. Check it out below!



Psylocke Tee


Real Hero Tee


Neon Heroes Tee


Pepper Potts Tee


Mary Jane Tee


Spidey Hammock Tee


Captain Sketch Tee

girlpower_01  girlpower_02

Girl Power

black_widow_01  black_widow_02

Black Widow Hoodie


Comic Girls Hoodie


Kapow Hoodie

I think my favorites are the Pepper Potts tee and the Mary Jane tee. I really love the large designs and stylized artwork. The Girl Power tee and Psylocke tee is pretty great too since I love me some Marvel ladies! Which of these new designs is your favorite?

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