STS Spotlight: Iron Fist Clothing


I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been stalking and awaiting the new collection from Iron Fist Ladies since last October! Why? Because the new line includes a sexy and fun, pin-up style print featuring some familiar looking femme fatales, boldly labeled “Super Bitches”.

I was madly in love the second I saw samples of the “Super Bitches” print, and am thrilled to see all the various pieces in the new line that feature this print. It’s a perfect mashup of geeky, sexy style, and any piece from the collection using this print would be a great addition to a geek chic gal’s wardrobe!


Super Bitches Tank


Super Bitches Dress


Super Bitches Bralette


Super Bitches Leggings


Super Bitches Peep Toe

Be sure to keep up with IF Ladies on Facebook to keep up to date on any new pieces that might come out in the future using this saucy print!

One comment on “STS Spotlight: Iron Fist Clothing

  1. Dawn says:

    I’ve Also Kept My Eye On Their Site For This! Iron Fist UK Even Has A Purse The US Store Didn’t Get With This Print! I Nabbed Mine Off Of Ebay!

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