Geek Chic Finds: Downtown Disney

One benefit to living in Southern California is our proximity to Disney. Which means, whenever we’re in the area, we love checking out Downtown Disney to see what new items they have in the stores.

DLCaptainAmerica DLAriel DLBelle DLStarWars2

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Gear Up With These Items Inspired by Iron Man!


With the Iron Man 3 release right around the corner, it’s difficult not to be a little excited about any Iron man merchandise that’s released or available. We put together a collection of both licensed and handmade items that should satisfy your Iron Man needs until the movie comes out!

Iron-Man-3-8GB-USB-Flash-Drive-Arc-Reactor-14905487-5 stylinonline_2259_536687130 image-earirnman-primary-shswatermark

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Marvelous New Items from Tokidoki

Tokidoki is probably one of my favorite companies when it comes to Marvel gear, and I love how they continue to expand on the characters they feature. They just recently released their Spring 2013 line, so I wanted to see what items they had. Check it out below!


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Look MARVELous in these items by Tokdoki

When it comes to girly comic fashions, DC definitely has a corner on the market. There are a few companies that make my inner Marvel geek happy though, and one I’ve definitely thrown my money at more than once is Tokidoki. Originally known for their cutesy mascots which adorned purses, they’ve expanded to include clothing, jewelry and best of all, MARVEL.

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