DIY Friday: Gathered Fabric Skirt


We’re back again with another DIY tutorial. Since Joann has been carrying a lot of great licensed fabric, like I mentioned here, I’ve been looking for ways to convert it into something fun. Once I bought this great vintage Avengers print, I knew that I had to turn it into a skirt!

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Etsy Picks of the Week: Doctor Who


WHO’s your Doctor?!

Whether it’s 9, 10, 11, any of the original 8, or just the series in general, Etsy is chock full of wonderful handmade Doctor Who items. I’ve scoured through them all and selected some of my favorites that I think you absolutely must see! Which honestly was very difficult – there are SO many amazing Doctor Who items on Etsy!

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Look MARVELous in these items by Tokdoki

When it comes to girly comic fashions, DC definitely has a corner on the market. There are a few companies that make my inner Marvel geek happy though, and one I’ve definitely thrown my money at more than once is Tokidoki. Originally known for their cutesy mascots which adorned purses, they’ve expanded to include clothing, jewelry and best of all, MARVEL.

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DIY Friday: Transforming Pacman Headband


One of my first loves was video games so I was looking for something to make that would be fun and 8-bit. Pacman seemed like the perfect game to base something off of, and I came up with a great idea for an easy craft. The great thing about this headband is that you can switch it around depending on your mood!\

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Snow White & the Huntsman: The Fairest Items of Them All

This year has been the year of fairy tales in both television and film. One of the most anticipated of these films opens today, Snow White & the Huntsman. The film looks to be stunning and with such gorgeous costume designs, it’s no surprise that most of the merchandise is equally as GORGEOUS.

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