Ready, Set, Style: Geek Chic Panel At San Diego Comic Con

Last week Her Universe announced some BIG news for chic geeks everywhere – they would be hosting a panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con specifically for geek fashion trendsetters!

Inspired by all the personal geek fashion styles Ashley has seen girls wearing, and shows like NBC’s Fashion Star, Ashley seeks to give fashionable geeks a chance to strut their stuff and share their unique styles with the experts.

Girls are highly encouraged to wear their best geeky outfit to the panel. Whether it’s completely custom made and original, or a look pulled from licensed products, they want to see it all! A select number of girls will be chosen from the audience to show their outfits to an expert panel of fashion professionals including fashion buyers from Hot Topic, designers, stylists and actresses from the sci-fi world. The panelists will also share their own advice on how to create a great geeky look, and each panelists will award a girl whose style truly impressed them with a special prize!

If you don’t already have the perfect outfit to wear to this panel, then you better get shopping! This is not a panel to be missed, and it’s thanks to companies like Her Universe that stylish geeks are finally getting noticed and being heard!

The panel is on Saturday, Room 25ABC, from 6-7 pm.

Her Universe will release more information about the panelists at a later date.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already in a frenzy over which outfit to wear!

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