Review: Jump From Paper and Into These Bags!


Jump From Paper  creates bags and purses that seem to have jumped off the pages of a comic book and into real life. With their bold graphic look and bright colors, they’re definitely an eye catcher. The moment I saw them, I knew I had to own one and I’m happy to say mine arrived last week! I wanted to write a review of what I think of my purse, and to give you all a better idea of what one might look like in person.

The first thing that caught my eye was the great packaging the purse came in.

The back even looked like something from an old comic or episode of Batman with Adam West.

I fell in love with Afternoon Tea both for it’s design and color (my favorite shade of blue!)

One feature of the bag is that it can be stored flat thanks to a zipper on the underside. I’ll admit at first I didn’t find it and thought maybe the bag actually WAS flat, but it didn’t take me long to figure it once I looked closer.

Once unzipped, I was pleased to find there was a good amount of room in the bag. It was even large enough to fit my iPad. However, since this bag is one of the smaller designs, I would probably limit it to a few items.

I did like the fact that they included a pocket on the back. The padding also added a bit of cushion when holding the bag.

One thing I was a little disappointed about is that this style isn’t really suited to be worn over the shoulder. Also, due to the fact that the straps are stiff to create that 2D effect, if you hold it in the crook of your arm, it can be uncomfortable after awhile.

Priced between $79 – $129, they’re not the cheapest bags, but I think definitely worth the price if you want something really unique and geeky to boot!

Jump From Paper currently ships to more than 30 countries and seem to be adding more as they go along. They also are sold in a few brick and mortar stores, so if you want to check them out in person, here’s a link to their locations:

Bottom line, I LOVE this purse and have gotten some great responses when I’ve been out using it. I can’t wait to bring it to San Diego Comic Con and fill it with goodies. If you have any questions about something I didn’t cover, feel free to ask in the comments. Also, if you’re interested in these, snatch one up! Mine was actually on back order for a few months, so I’m sure they will sell quickly.

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Jump From Paper and are not compensated for our recommendation.)

7 comments on “Review: Jump From Paper and Into These Bags!

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  2. Tamara says:

    I was thinking of getting one for my sister who loves them! If you don’t mind me asking how is the quality overall? She tends to sometimes overstuff them so i am a little worried that it may break…:(

  3. Gina says:

    nevermind lol didn’t realize you were the one that wrote the review haha

  4. shannon says:

    Do you know if they send you a tracking number for the bag? I ordered to bags yesterday, and i got an email confirmation, but i have no way of knowing what happens next. Just wondering what your experience was…

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