Maleficent Hits and Misses



Like with any recent movie release, we’re starting to see merchandise for the new Maleficent movie being released. While some of it is really fun, some of it misses the mark completely.

Probably the most exciting thing I saw was on Hot Topic’s Instagram account. While they typically carry items that are more on the casual side, they recently posted pictures of a limited upcoming collection inspired by the film.

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Luckily for us, they just posted the pre-order for the collection! I’m totally in love with the Bat Wing Pullover.


I’m hoping this means we’ll be seeing more fashionable pieces like these in the future from Hot Topic.

Along with the collection, they’ve also released some great jewelry pieces.


Maleficent Silhouette Ring


Fate Is Cruel Necklace


Engraved Locket Necklace


Wire Horn Ring


Maleficent Leather Cord Bracelet



Maleficent Wire Horn Headband



Speaking of jewelry, Crow’s Nest is also releasing a collection of beautiful pieces inspired by the dark fairy. However, the one defining difference is the price. With the low end starting at around $5,000 up to a whopping $20,000, I’m not exactly sure who their intended audience is. It’s definitely not for your typical movie goer.


In keeping with the high end clientele,¬†Faliero Sarti, a luxury scarf designer, is releasing two cashmere scarves¬† with Maleficent’s likeness on them. Each scarf will retail for $438.

Faliero-Sarti-002 Faliero-Sarti-001

Probably the most disappointing Maleficent collection I’ve seen so far is the make-up collection from MAC Cosmetics. Devoid of any of the typical colors that are often associated with the iconic character, the collection just looks like your standard make-up collection. The only indicator that it is related to the film is the logo on all the packaging. When comparing this collection to past collections MAC has released, it leaves something to be desired.

mac-cosmetics-maleficent-full-line I’d love to see Sephora take a stab at a Maleficent collection given their past record with Disney related properties.

I wish most films got this kind of attention when it came to merchandising. Can you imagine an Avengers fashion collection for the next film?

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4 comments on “Maleficent Hits and Misses

  1. I actually made some DIY mini Maleficent horns on my blog a few months ago:

    They aren’t as gorgeous as the pieces here, I’m really liking that wire horn ring!! So pretty. And if they did a fashion collection for Avengers 2 (or any superhero movie coming out), omg…fangirling to the max.

    • Lindz says:

      Right? We totally need a superhero fashion collection. I think some companies still hold on to the notion that they’re primarily selling to a male audience, but slowly things are coming around and maybe we’ll see more unique takes in the future.

      Also, great take on the horns! We’re big fans of Diy around these parts.

  2. Kimmy says:

    Unfortunately MAC already did Maleficent back when they did their Disney villain collection a little while ago. They were probably trying to avoid just re releasing old stuff

    • Lindz says:

      I think a lot of it comes down to the packaging and presentation. If you look at the old collection, that one is visually more interesting than this one. They could have done more of a smokey eye look with the deep red lips, but the eye shadow choices are a bit plain and flat.

      They could have pushed the collection more without much crossover with their previous collection.

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