Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Apparel & Accessories

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a week away! It’ll be a great weekend to make a loved one smile, and whether you’re taken or single, it’s as good a time as any to flaunt your fabulous geek style.

Rounding out our trio of Valentine’s Day related gift guides (find our other guides HERE and HERE), today’s guide features some current love-related fandom clothing and accessories, as well as a few general pieces, that are sure to make a perfect gift for your partner or that finishing touch to your Valentine’s Day themed geeky outfit!

Prepare yourself for kisses and hearts…

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Etsy Purse Picks of the Week


Every now and again we like to do posts featuring some of the wonderful handmade creations we find on Etsy. We’re visiting purses again this week, but be sure to check out our previous post which covered some fantastic geeky purses on Etsy (and other stores).


Even if the purses shown in that post are no longer available, it at least gives you a shop store to follow that you know makes great geeky items.

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DIY Friday: Batman Purse Cover


Purse covers are a great solution to get the bag you want, without sewing an entire one yourself from scratch. Plus, you then have the option to make multiple covers so you can change out the look of the purse depending on your outfit or mood.

Here’s a bag cover I whipped up after seeing one my friend Jessica had made.

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DIY Friday: Wonder Woman iPhone Wristlet


Whenever I’m in a store, I’m always keeping an eye out for existing items that can be stylishly geeked up. Target is currently stocking these wonderfully colorful metallic PVC purses, bags and iPhone wristlet cases by Xhilaration.

I was immediately drawn to these, especially the iPhone cases, and could see an abundant amount of DIY possibilities with them. My local Target only had the blue iPhone case in stock, which wasn’t a problem for me, as I knew something fun and simple I could do to geek it up!

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Review: Jump From Paper and Into These Bags!


Jump From PaperĀ  creates bags and purses that seem to have jumped off the pages of a comic book and into real life. With their bold graphic look and bright colors, they’re definitely an eye catcher. The moment I saw them, I knew I had to own one and I’m happy to say mine arrived last week! I wanted to write a review of what I think of my purse, and to give you all a better idea of what one might look like in person.

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