Archic Comics Go High Fashion


We mentioned the Archie comics line of make-up that was released earlier this year, and it seems that we’re not done with Archie just yet. Charlotte Olympia, a luxury shoes and accessories designer, plans on releasing a new product line inspired by our lovable comic protagonist.

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Etsy Purse Picks of the Week


Every now and again we like to do posts featuring some of the wonderful handmade creations we find on Etsy. We’re visiting purses again this week, but be sure to check out our previous post which covered some fantastic geeky purses on Etsy (and other stores).


Even if the purses shown in that post are no longer available, it at least gives you a shop store to follow that you know makes great geeky items.

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DIY Friday: Wonder Woman iPhone Wristlet


Whenever I’m in a store, I’m always keeping an eye out for existing items that can be stylishly geeked up. Target is currently stocking these wonderfully colorful metallic PVC purses, bags and iPhone wristlet cases by Xhilaration.

I was immediately drawn to these, especially the iPhone cases, and could see an abundant amount of DIY possibilities with them. My local Target only had the blue iPhone case in stock, which wasn’t a problem for me, as I knew something fun and simple I could do to geek it up!

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