Sparkle with Marvel from 1928 Jewelry


You may have noticed these two gems popping up on ThinkGeek recently (Bracelet here & earings here). These two pieces of jewelry are actually a part of a larger collection by 1928 Jewelry. They have teamed up with Marvel to release themed jewelry, and in my opinion, some great quality pieces for VERY affordable prices.

What I love about their jewelry is that a lot of the pieces are the very definition of stealth geek. Take the Thor earrings for example,  from a distance they look like any dangle earrings, by upon closer examination, you’re rocking a mini Mjölnir from each ear. They have a lot of pieces that fit that idea, and while I’m not shy about flaunting my geek, it is fun to see who notices.

Their stock seems to update pretty frequently and definitely is reflective of whatever movie is soon approaching. While their selection of Avengers jewelry is pretty limited at the moment, mostly likely due to its popularity, their selection of Spiderman has been growing. I’ve actually bought two of the Spiderman pieces, and it took me awhile to choose what I was going to get just based off of the fact that there were so many options.

Spiderman Crystal Drop Earrings

They also carry items from other Marvel titles aside from the most recent ones. I was pleased to find that they have some Wolverine/X-men items. And while I’m unfamiliar with the license, they have some pretty awesome looking Punisher pieces. I would totally rock the Rifle Drop Y necklace.

On top of having so many choices of great Marvel gear, I was also happy to find that they offer a lot of coupon deals. I not only got some great items, but also got an additional 30% off and free shipping!

Now that I have multiple pieces from 1928 Jewelry, I can definitely say with certainty that I would buy from them again. I’ll be keeping an eye on their site to see what new items they come out with. What’s your favorite piece? What would you like to see more of?

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to 1928 Jewelry and are not compensated for our recommendation.)

4 comments on “Sparkle with Marvel from 1928 Jewelry

  1. Briana says:

    I’m definitely trying to get my hands on the Thor earrings. I first saw them on Think Geek, but alas, I went to buy them and they went out of stock! Thank you so much for posting this, one so I know who the maker of the Thor earrings are, and two, more stealth geekery! Perfectamundo!

  2. Philly says:

    Can you order online?

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