Stunning Style: Look #31


It’s just about that time of year again, Star Wars Day! May 4th is fast approaching this Saturday, so in honor of one of our favorite fandoms, of course this week’s Stunning Style had to be Star Wars themed.


This look features two pairings you see quite often from me that are a match made in geek chic heaven, Her Universe and Black Milk Clothing!

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Stunning Style: Look #30


My love of the Muppets has been strong since I was a kid, and thanks to the most recent movie release, there have been some great items to be released along side. I knew I had to put together an outfit that was both chic and showed my love of the Muppets!


This outfit uses elements that can make it more casual, or allow you to dress it up.

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Stunning Style: Look #29


It wasn’t planned, but we randomly have a lot of Batman themed looks this time around! But, come on, it’s Batman! Or rather, Batgirl in this case.


This week’s look is all about a bold statement piece, and how you can make it work with the right ensemble of clothing and accessories.

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Stunning Style: Look #26


It happened both slowly and suddenly, but somehow much of my wardrobe has quickly been taken over by spandex clothing/Black Milk!


Since Black Milk has a new release coming out tonight which includes some NEW Star Wars pieces, this week’s Stunning Style features one of the earlier pieces from their Star Wars Collection, and the different ways you can dress it up/down and accessorize it.

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Stunning Style: Look #23


The holiday season is here, but that shouldn’t stop you from rockin’ your geek style throughout the month.

120624_GD_SetToStunning_0542Featuring a stunning shirt from Her Universe, and paired with a lovely flower headband and eye-catching glittery heels, this week’s look has just enough sparkle and style to be festively geeky for a semi-casual holiday outing or event.

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