Stunning Style: Look #29


It wasn’t planned, but we randomly have a lot of Batman themed looks this time around! But, come on, it’s Batman! Or rather, Batgirl in this case.


This week’s look is all about a bold statement piece, and how you can make it work with the right ensemble of clothing and accessories.

Get This Look:

 Look29LeftSideLook29Front2Look29RightSide Look29Back1Look29Back2

  • Top
      • When I originally saw this vibrantly colored giant faced Batgirl print at Walmart, I simultaneously couldn’t buy it, but also worried it was just too loud and obvious a print. But, I took a chance and on its own, an outfit was formed around it. Because the print is so colorful and large, the key was to be subtle everywhere else, so I balanced out the orange top with a lot of black so that the top is the focus of the look.


  • Jacket
      • The jacket with pink lapels is a beauty I got at an Iron Fist sample sale. It adds another punch of color to the ensemble, but in a very complimentary way.
      • The long mesh jacket is something my Mom gave me. We both agreed it had a great bat-type look to it, with its long angled ends. I think both of these pieces work with the overall outfit, but obviously change up the ensemble depending on which one I wear.


  • Leggings
      • I took a chance and picked up these basic black suspender leggings from Black Milk. I say “take a chance”, because I’m sure most of you are like me and a bit nervous about a pair of leggings that allows your thighs to hang out! They are super fun though, a little daring, and a touch sexy. This look would look perfect with some solid black leggings or jeans, but these suspender-style leggings really add a flair of daring to a look where I’m otherwise completely covered from top to bottom.


  • Shoes
      • These are just knock-off Jeffrey Campbell shoes I got in the LA Fashion District. While I own real JCs and they are incredibly comfortable if you can afford to get a pair, it’s nice to have a cheap version around that I don’t have to worry about getting banged up. The JC “Lita” style is quite popular in general, and you can find similar shoes in department stores. Solestruck is a great place to check out JC shoes, and other brands.


  • Accessories
      • Pieces from nOir Jewelry’s DC Collection go great with this outfit. I kept it simple and just wore the Bat ring and earrings with this Look (Note: my pieces are eBay knockoffs!). Hot Topic has some nice blingy Batman jewelry out right now as well. This Look is all about focusing on the top, so it’s ideal to keep the jewelry and sparkle to a minimum.


We’re always on the look out for geek chic styles and outfits, so feel free to share your looks with us on Facebook and Twitter! If there’s any recommendations for ways to alter this Look, or any of our Looks, we’d love to hear about it, as well as any styling tips and tricks.

(Photos by Greg De Stefano)

(Some product images obtained from Black Milk and nOir Jewelry websites and are the property of their respective owners)

2 comments on “Stunning Style: Look #29

  1. girltini1 says:

    This blog has made me order these suspenders! Thanking you 🙂

  2. […] this point, we maaaaay have a thing for Batman related apparel and items around here (examples one, two, and […]

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