Stunning Style: Look #24

This is our last Stunning Style for a few weeks while everyone enjoys the holiday and new year, and while we gather more looks to share with you!


With that in mind, this week’s look is a very simple, no muss, no fuss way to add a hint of geek chic to an otherwise normal outfit.


  • Accessories
      • It all comes down to the belt for this look, which features the rhinestone encrusted Black Widow belt buckle that was one of our previous DIYs. While I enjoy being stylishly geek from head to toe, sometimes all you need is one geek piece to set the whole tone of the outfit.


I like to think of this as Black Widow’s “little black dress” look. It’s one of my favorite kind of geek looks – both subtle and in your face. To someone not familiar with Black Widow, it’s just a pretty belt. But to anyone else, it’s a stylish nod to a cool character. For those of you that aren’t quite comfortable flaunting your geek style all over the place, a look like this is right up your alley, and a great way for you to start softly testing out adding geek into your wardrobe!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first round of Stunning Style looks. We’re looking forward to sharing more of them with you, and we always love seeing what looks you’ve put together. Please continue to share them with us! You can reach us here through our blog, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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