DIY Friday: Comic Book Acrylic Nails


This week’s DIY is a follow-up to our post covering geeky nail art you can buy with an example of just one of the ways you can make your own geeky nails to wear.


For those of us who might not be able to hand paint such tiny surfaces, decoupaging a set of fake nails with comic book pages is a great way to decorate your nails with geeky flair.

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DIY Friday: Decoupaged Decorative Plate


While shoes, wallets, jewelry, etc. are the most common types of items to decoupage, you can pretty much decoupage anything you set your mind to. For this DIY I set my sights on decoupaging a home decor item, a decorative plate charger.

DIY Charger Plate

You’ve probably seen them on dinner tables before, but might not have known what they were called. They’re large, purely decorative, plates used to dress up a table for special events, parties, holidays, etc. And they are a perfect way to geek up the dinner table in a subtle but fun way.

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DIY Friday: A Comic Book Bow for Your Geeky Gifts

For those of you celebrating Christmas, I hope you’ve gotten all your shopping done already, and for those who haven’t finished, good luck this weekend! What I’m sure most of you will be doing those is wrapping those gifts, and whether they’re geeky or not, you can’t still add a little touch of geek in the wrapping job. So if you’re feeling crafty, here’s a way to make gift bows a little more special!
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DIY Friday: Carved Craft Pumpkin


Halloween is almost here and there should be lots of fun costume parties this weekend. If you haven’t carved your pumpkin yet, or are looking to add more to your decorations, it’s never too late! Especially when it comes to a fun and simple DIY like this.

Craft pumpkins are THE way to go these days when it comes to carving your pumpkin. Not only will they last forever, they’re inexpensive and have none of the messy goop to deal with. Though I do love fresh baked and salted pumpkin seeds…
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DIY Friday: Batman Purse Cover


Purse covers are a great solution to get the bag you want, without sewing an entire one yourself from scratch. Plus, you then have the option to make multiple covers so you can change out the look of the purse depending on your outfit or mood.

Here’s a bag cover I whipped up after seeing one my friend Jessica had made.

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