Get Your Geek Chic On At Comikaze Expo!


If you’re even remotely interested in geek fashion, then you definitely wont want to miss the fourth annual Comikaze Expo this Halloween weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center! From numerous geek fashion related panels, to the aptly named Geek Fashion Show on Friday, there are loads of events and vendors you’ll definitely want to check out.

Most conventions don’t have more than 1 or 2 panels related to geek fashion and style, but this year Comikaze has a whopping FIVE that are all, or in part, about fashion and style for geeks:


“Disney Fandom”

Rm304ABC @ 3:30PM

Join social media sensations in the Disney realm as they discuss why they fell in love with the brand and how they incorporate Disney into their lives through work and play. Learn the difference between DisneyBounding and Cosplay, and get some tips on how to make the perfect DisneyBound outfit for your next trip to the park.


“Geek Fashion Week: Level Up Your Fashion”

Rm404AB @ 9:00AM

With the rise of the female geek comes a new trend of geek-focused fashion. No longer content with boxy t-shirts, women (and men) have begun to demand more fashionable merchandise and clothing. Come hear more about our week-long celebration in L.A. in March 2015, the current state of geek fashion and let us know what you’d like to see next.

“How To Be Fashionably Nerdy”

Rm303AB @ 11:00AM

Digital fashion show and discussion on how to incorporate fan appreciation into your everyday life! Hear from designers and creators of your favorite brands and ask questions from Fashionably Nerdy, Gold Bubble, GeekyU, CastleCorsetry and more about how to dress to impress and keep it geek chic!

“Geek Girl Fashion”

301B @ 1:00PM

A discussion about the newest geek fashion trends, places to shop, how to develop your own style, and examine the growing popularity of geek fashion in the maintstream.


“Nerd Living”

Rm308AB @ 2:00PM

The nerdettes from Nerds in LaLaLand teach you tips about incorporating geek into your everyday lives through crafts, cooking, and fashion.


This year sees the return of The Geek Fashion Show, run by Douggary Grant and Lauren Bregman, that made its debut at last year’s Comikaze. Featuring a whopping 6 clothing designers and 1 shoe designer, it’s going to be quite an event!

The Geek Fashion Show is Friday at 6:30pm on the Hot Topic main stage. Thanks to planning with Comikaze, all these designers can be found in one row of the exhibit floor, dubbed “Fashion Alley”, between the Espionage Cosmetics booth #1401 and Gold Bubble booth #1409.

The designers include:

Look for a recap post after Comikaze covering The Geek Fashion show and taking a closer look at each of these designers!

If you’re going to Comikaze this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for Lindz and me! Lindz will be covering the fashion show on Friday and I’ll be in it representing Gold Bubble Clothing. Saturday you can find us as panelist in the Geek Girl Fashion panel at 1pm, Rm 301B. Otherwise you’re sure to find us roaming the con taking pictures of girls in outfits, or hanging out at the Gold Bubble Booth #1409.

We look forward to seeing some of you there! And don’t forget, this Saturday marks the beginning of #NERDVEMBER.

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