The Return of #NERDVEMBER



It’s that time of year again ladies! Last year we decided to challenge ourselves and you with a month-long geek fashion contest we dubbed #NERDVEMBER. It was such a success that we couldn’t wait to run it again this year, bigger and better than before!


#NERDVEMBER is a month-long contest we run over on Instagram. Participants are challenged to post a photo of themselves in a geek-themed outfit every single day of November. Outfits can range from something obviously geeky like wearing a Batman shirt or Star Wars leggings, or more vague, like an outfit inspired by a character through the use of a specific color palette. How many days you manage to participate determines the prize tier you are eligible for. One (1) or more winners from each tier will be selected at random using a random number generator.

The Rules

  • Wear a geek-themed outfit
    • Full geek ensembles are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, but at a minimum you must be wearing at least one (1) piece of geek clothing/jewelry/accessory to qualify. If you’re wearing an “inspired by” look, please include a photo of the inspiration in your pic post or at least an explanation of how your outfit is geek themed.
  • Post your photo on Instagram
    • Photos MUST be new (no tagging old photos!)
  • Include the hashtags #nerdvember and #settostunning
  • Follow @settostunning on Instagram


The Sponsors

We pulled out all the stops this year and, we’re not gonna lie, even impressed ourselves with the sponsors we collected for the return of #NERDVEMBER! We are incredibly excited and honored by their support and involvement this year.

Our sponsors include:

  • Guild Jewellery
  • Black Milk Clothing
  • Espionage Cosmetics
  • We Love Fine
  • Her Universe
  • The Novo Geek
  • RockLove Jewelry

and a welcome return of our original sponsor,

  • Paul Michael Design

The Prize Tiers

THE SIDEKICK (Prize Tier 1): participates 1-10 days

THE VIGILANTE (Prize Tier 2): participates 11-20 days

THE HERO (Prize Tier 3): participates 21-29 days

THE SUPERHERO (Prize Tier 4): participates all 30 days

The exact prizes being donated from each of our amazing sponsors will be released next week. But trust us, with a sponsor list like that, how can you NOT participate this year?!

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So start putting together those outfits, and if you’re in need of some inspiration, be sure to check out our Stunning Styles or our Instagram. And of course, have fun! We can’t wait to see how you rise to the challenge – #NERDVEMBER begins this Saturday, November 1st!


24 comments on “The Return of #NERDVEMBER

  1. I hope cosplaying on Nov 1-2 counts toward this because some of us will be at Comikaze all day. 😉

    • Lindz says:

      While cosplay won’t count toward #NERDVEMBER, you can definitely incorporate something after you change out of your costume. There’s no specific time for submitting, so later in the day or at night is totally fine!

  2. abbycake says:

    As a geek + style blogger this strikes my fancy. Thanks for sharing & I will definitely be participating.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  3. girlherolori says:

    This is amazing! I’ll definitely try and give this a go.
    -Lori /

  4. Meghan Sara says:

    Awww yeah count me in! Can’t wait to start!!!

  5. mesulli says:

    I’m so excited about this. I just hope I remember each day.

  6. Cat says:

    Hey! So glad you guys are hosting another Nerdvember and I can’t wait to start! I just have a few questions about what counts as “geek themed” outfits.

    1.) Do band t-shirts count because I’m a huge music geek. For example, would a band t-shirt like Jason Mraz count or would it have to be a Wizard Rock shirt to count.

    2.) I have Penguin Classic T-shirts like this and was wondering if that qualified as well.

    Thanks for reading!

    • Lindz says:

      For this particular contest, we’re interested in seeing geeky items in line with what we tend to cover on the blog. So, the Wizard Rock shirt would be more fitting. For the penguin classic shirts, it’ll depend on how you style it. If you’re going with a book themed outfit with supporting accessories, then totally.

  7. […] #NERDVEMBER kicked off yesterday on Novmber 1st. It is the second year for this unique challenge set up by ladies behind Set to Stunning. The concept is simple: for the entire month of November, participants are challenged to rock their geek fashion (from jewelry to leggings to costumes to casual cosplay, etc) and then share on Instagram using the hashtag #NERDVEMBER.  However, like most contests, there are rules / guidelines to point out: […]

  8. […] you haven’t read up on Nerdvember yet, here’s a link with all of the information and rules. There will be prizes awarded based on your daily level of participation, but even more importantly, […]

  9. Just posted my first one! I’m starting late because I was in the process of moving countries and packing/unpacking meant I didn’t have all my clothes/jewelry ready!

  10. […] Each day during the moth of November can earn instagramers an entry into the Nerdvember contest. The post should showcase a nerdy inspired outfit of the day. Those who enter 1-10 days qualify for Tier 1 : The Sidekick. 11-20 Days, Tier 2 : The Vigilante. 21-29 Days, Tier 3 : The Hero and All 30 Days is Tier  4 : The Superhero. It’s the 9th day of the contest but Day #1 for me so at this rate, posting everyday for the rest of the month, I’ll qualify for the “Hero”. (For full contest info and rules, check out the official post.) […]

  11. […] Last week I started taking part in the #Nerdvember challenge, where the aim of the game is to post a geeky themed outfit on instagram throughout November. To find out more, head to Set to Stunning. […]

  12. […] you follow me on Instagram, you likely have seen me posting about #Nerdvember. Nerdvember is a month-long contest hosted by the awesome blog Set to Stunning. Rules require that […]

  13. […] Have you guys heard of Nerdvember? […]

  14. Jess says:

    Hi Lindz and Scruffy! Loving Nerdvember so far, and it’s fun to see the looks people come up with. Since we’re close to the halfway point, and it’s getting more tricky, I had a couple more questions about what works.

    I’ve seen some cute country-based outfits like with flags and symbols, cat shirts, and cat-ear hats under the hashtags, and I was wondering if these type of outfits are okay or if they need to be more “geeky”?

    Also, love all the Blackmilk that’s been showing up, but does an outfit work for nerdvember just because it’s Blackmilk (e.g. matte skater skirts or Mucha-painting leggings)?

    Thanks again for hosting this challenge!! Looking forward to the rest of the month!

    • Scruffy says:

      Hi Jess! We’re so glad you’re enjoying #NERDVEMBER. The point of the challenge is to incorporate geek into your everyday fashion. “Geek” is what we cover on this blog, so specifically it’s things like comics, cartoons, Disney, sci-fi and fantasy books, movies and TV shows, etc. If it’s not one of those things, Lindz and I will then determine if it counts.

      Many people are wearing Black Milk b/c they offer so many geek licensed clothing, or girls are pairing normal BM pieces w/ items like tops or jewelry that are geeky. There HAS to be a miminum of one geeky article of clothing or accessory as part of your outfit to count. Hope that helps!

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