You’ve Got Geek On Your Face

You might not think about it, but being a chic geek isn’t restricted to clothing or home décor. As our highlight post on makeup artist Siyrn illustrated, makeup is a fascinating corner of the geek chic world that I believe is still a bit unfamiliar to some, if not most, of us.

I’m a bit skittish when it comes to makeup, so I’m always looking for advice and tips from magazines. I love the pieces that cover what a certain star wore, especially when they’re geek related. Nothing sells me faster on an item than being told it’s recommended if you want to look like Cersei from Game of Thrones, or is THE thing to get if you want to have those amazing red lips like Anne Hathaway did as Catwoman.

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Geek Chic Looks of Dragon*Con


Hopefully you enjoyed some of the looks I found at Celebration VI! I loved the variety. I knew Dragon*con would be the ultimate goldmine though, of geek chic DIY ensembles, and it certainly did not disappoint.

From the expected and always lovely Star Wars dresses, to surprise gems like the Lord of the Rings dress, Dragon*con had a little bit of everything. Check out our gallery!

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Geek Chic Looks of Star Wars Celebration VI


I’m finally back from my back to back adventure attending Star Wars Celebration VI and Dragon*con! I was thrilled with the amount of stunning looks I saw girls wearing at these cons, and can’t wait to share them all with you.

First up this week, the looks of Celebration VI!

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Stunning Style: Look #10


Now that we’re fully recovered and back home, let’s get back to business with today’s Stunning Style!

I wanted to create an outfit that would be great for going out. I pieced it together with some basic items and then added the geeky flair with accessories and a cute crop top.

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Recovering from Con Madness

Hi all! Since Scruffy is still at Dragon*con, and I only just back from PAX, we decided to take it easy today. We’ll resume our regular posting on Wednesday, and even throw up an extra blog post in addition to our regular Stunning Style spot. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and we’ll see you all Wednesday!