Geeks Smell! – It’s a Good Thing


One of the main benefits of geek culture getting lapped up by the mainstream is that we see more and more unique or unusual products coming to the market that would otherwise not cater to geek interests. Products, like perfumes!


While there are far more colognes than perfumes offered to geeks (because catering to geek GIRLS is still a market that is not being properly catered to), the simple fact that there are ANY scents themed for geeks is incredibly promising.

A couple years ago Genki Wear came out with two Star Wars themed scents, a Lando cologne for men, and a Slave Leia perfume for women. Sadly neither are available anymore. But, Genki Wear is also the genius behind the current line of licensed Star Trek fragrances, which feature three scents for men, and one scent for women – Pon Farr.

GenkiTrekJADS International is the other main producer of licensed geek-related scents with their Avengers line, and the official Stan Lee cologne. Like Genki Wear’s Trek line, JADS’ Avengers line only features one female fragrance, Black Widow, of course.

But, the great thing about most of the colognes for men, is that many of the scents could be considered unisex, and not just a fragrance that men would want to wear.

JADSavengersI’d love to see the DC comics licensing team get on board with Batman or Superman related scents, and hopefully with the new Star Wars movies we’ll see a return and expansion of Star Wars related fragrances.

What fandom would you like to see represented as a scent? Do you own any of these geeky smells, or have any fan-made ones you’d recommend? I own the Pon Farr perfume and absolutely love it!

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(All images belong to Genki Wear and JADS International)

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3 comments on “Geeks Smell! – It’s a Good Thing

  1. Braeby says:

    I managed to get my hands on a bottle of the Slave Leia sent a few years ago after celebration v was over. It’s fantastic! I really love it, although I don’t wear it often since I don’t want to run out.

    I would very much live to see more female geek scents. The more, the better

    • lazypadawan says:

      I also got Slave Leia at Celebration V and I’m surprised at how good of a fragrance it is.

      Me, I’d kill for a Star Wars tie-in with Tokyomilk.

  2. Eva says:

    Do you know Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? They have literally hundreds of geeky scents — some comic book geeky, some art geeky, some history geeky… and every scent is amazing. They’re worth a looksee if you’ve never heard of them!

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