Geek Chic Looks of Star Wars Celebration VI


I’m finally back from my back to back adventure attending Star Wars Celebration VI and Dragon*con! I was thrilled with the amount of stunning looks I saw girls wearing at these cons, and can’t wait to share them all with you.

First up this week, the looks of Celebration VI!

The big 501st party on Friday is where I spotted most outfits as unfortunately during the day I was mainly working a booth in costume and didn’t have much time to scout around the con floor.

Outfits ranged from fitted t-shirt dresses, cute bedsheet and licensed fabric skirt and dresses, to custom printed fabric dresses! There are more options than ever before to create a geek chic dress, skirt, top, etc. If you think it up, you can make it, or find someone who can make it for you. I loved the variety of looks that I came across at Celebration, no two were the same and they nicely reflected the style of each girl.

There was also a great event at this year’s Celebration that celebrated geek girl style – the Her Universe Photo Shoot! Her Universe had a photo studio set up for a day for girls to come by and show their unique Her Universe style. It was an overwhelming success and a wonderful project that shows the beautiful diversity and style of female Star Wars fans! You can check out the results of the shoot here.

There were lots of outfits I know I missed, so if you wore a geek chic outfit to Celebration, please share it with us on our Facebook Page!

3 comments on “Geek Chic Looks of Star Wars Celebration VI

  1. Chris says:

    That first dress is from the Etsy shop repurposefulPUNK, along with a lot of other great geek options!

  2. […] blog Set to Stunning also reports on the great non-cosplay geek chic outfits around […]

  3. LillianSkye says:

    There are always so many amazing dressed at Crlebrations! This year I wore a SW dress one day too and I had so many people tell me that they ha those sheets when the were a kid lol!

    That’s such a great pic of the Lakehouse Girls (: the photo shoot was amazing!

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