Geek Chic Looks of Dragon*Con


Hopefully you enjoyed some of the looks I found at Celebration VI! I loved the variety. I knew Dragon*con would be the ultimate goldmine though, of geek chic DIY ensembles, and it certainly did not disappoint.

From the expected and always lovely Star Wars dresses, to surprise gems like the Lord of the Rings dress, Dragon*con had a little bit of everything. Check out our gallery!

I think what I love the most about all these outfits is the endless variety. Shorts, skirts, bra top, fitted dresses, full-skirted dress, even ballgowns! Geek chic style is as varied and unique as being a geek itself. The Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl inspired dresses were particularly cute, inspired and very flattering outfits – the tiara turned headband is brilliant in its simplicity. But my personal favorite that I can’t stop blubbering about almost a week later, is the stunning Lord of the Rings dress.

I really have to give a special nod to this ensemble, made and worn by Cressie Teague. I saw a glimpse of this outfit amongst the massive Dragon*con crowds, and literally ran over everyone in my path to make sure I got a picture of it. Her dress is a custom fabric print of the map of Middle Earth, the grey fabric collar is a nod to the Elven cloaks which highlights the Elven brooch beautifully, and the veritable cherry on top is, of course, the One Ring inscription as the trim of her dress, headband, belt, and oh, what’s that? A matching purse? To quote Rachel Zoe, not only is that bananas, but, I DIE.

We’ll be posting up all the photos from CVI and Dragon*con to our Facebook Page soon. So if we took a picture of you or a friend of yours, please tag them! I’m sure other ladies would love to know how to make or buy some of these amazing looks. We’ll be back to our regular DIY Friday posts next week and, as always, we’d love for you to share your own DIYs, outfits, and any other geek chic ideas or items.

4 comments on “Geek Chic Looks of Dragon*Con

  1. Trude says:

    Wow the detail on that LOTR dress is insane! So many awesome geek girls, love it!

  2. I love these looks. Taking the Geek to ultra Chic is so much fun.

  3. Amanda Avery says:

    That red Wonder Woman dress!!

  4. I need that LOTR dress! Actual need.

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