SDCChic with Geeky Glamorous


This week we’re featuring various geek fashion bloggers in our very first SDCChic. Each one has put together two day and two night outfits befitting of the biggest geek weekend of the year. Today we’re have Mandie of Geeky Glamorous fame. Mandie focuses on outfits of the day, local events, giveaways, and even had her wedding featured on SyFy.

We gave each blogger free rein on how they would put together their outfits, and we really love how Mandie put hers together. She decided to take one major piece and showcase how you could wear it during the day and then dress it up for the night. Here’s what she had to say:

“Comic Con can be hectic so I wanted to create outfits that could easily transition from day to night. My day time outfits were practical but still geeky and fun but with a quick swap of accessories and shoes turned into funky party outfits.”

She even included a discount code for one of her pieces, so let’s have a look!



The first two outfits features GI Jane leggings (by artist WODzilla) from Bombsheller (use code GeekGlamSDCC for 10% off).

image image

She makes great use of metallics and neon colors to keep the outfits cohesive but different for each scenario.



Her second set of outfits features a Batman romper from Underboss. These outfits really show off how easy it is to go from day to night with a few simple accessory changes.

image image


A huge thanks to Mandie for sharing her unique geek style and coming up with some great outfit ideas! Don’t forget, if you want to share your looks, tag them with #SDCChic and let us know!

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