SDCChic with The Nerdy Girlie



Now that we’ve covered the great geek fashion events that are happening at this year’s comic con, we wanted to do something fun leading up to the big event. We contacted various fashion bloggers to participate in our very first SDCChic!

SDCChic is a showcase of geek fashion looks that are perfect for comic con. Whether you’re attending panels, checking out various events outside the con, or making an appearance at great parties, there’s a look that will fit the bill. Each participant was challenged to put together four outfits, two day looks and two evening looks, based on what SDCChic meant to them.

Our first blogger is Megan for The Nerdy Girlie! An expert at all things nerdy, her blog features tips on attending SDCC, everyday cosplay, and Fandom Friday. She even helps run the Los Angeles chapter of Geek Girl Brunch.

Her first day outfit features one of Megan’s favorite items, the Union Jack.


Her second day outfit is all Who. The cardigan is from Her Universe, Don’t Blink tank by Jordandene, Weeping Angel necklace and Union Jack bow from Hot Topic.


Her first night time outfit is more Doctor Who with a tank from Look Human, blazer from Gap, Jeans from Hollister, and shoes from Born.



Lastly, her second night outfit puts the ‘S’ in Slytherin with another tank from Look Human. The jacket from Sun Diego, Jeans are from Hollister, hat from Forever 21, boots are Nordstrom, and the Golden Snitch necklace from Jordandene.




We want to thank Megan for being a part of our very first SDCChic. Stay tuned for even more leading up to the big event! Want to play along? Post your favorite go to outfits and tag them with #SDCChic on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

2 comments on “SDCChic with The Nerdy Girlie

  1. Charlie says:

    Great idea for a blog post. Love these looks. So cute and just my style. Love a skinny jean! Great outfit inspiration even if I’m not lucky enough to go to SDCC! Looking forward to seeing the other SDCChic posts and checking out the con style!

    • Lindz says:

      We love that everyone has different tastes in outfits and really wanted to show case those looks. Admittedly, some times I have trouble coming up with outfit ideas, which is why it’s great to get new inspiration!

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