A Super Swimsuit Collection by Suckers Apparel


Last year I came across Suckers Apparel, however soon after they closed temporarily to restructure the way they handle their orders. Well, I’m happy to say that they’re reopening for a limited time to release a fantastic swimsuit line. So, for those of you still clinging onto summer or looking for something great for when the weather warms up, these suits will be right up your alley!

Storm_Front_2_1024x1024 AMFront1_1024x1024

I think what I like the most about this collection is the sheer variety of suit designs. Each suit is not only flattering, but really pays homage to the original inspiration.

LKFront2_1024x1024 Batgirl_Front3_1024x1024

Unfortunately, this collection will only be available until October 10th. However, Suckers Apparel has promised that they will open full time after the new year, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store!

WS_Front3_3290111a-fb3b-4350-a42c-9bf984f50bb4_1024x1024 Harley_Front2_1024x1024

Which is your favorite? I’m loving the one shouldered Winter Soldier inspired suit and that Hawkeye suit inspired by the Matt Fraction comics.

CM_Front1_1024x1024 Strange_Front3_3ee5feeb-e070-415b-90d6-efa44aa93c09_1024x1024

(All images belong to Suckers Apparel)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Suckers Apparel and are not compensated for our recommendations or reviews.)

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