Cozday Clothing: Geek Fashion with a Designer Twist



Leetal Platt, one of the designers in this year’s SDCC fashion show, responsible for this gorgeous Dalek wedding gown, has also launched a new company, Cozday Clothing!

Cozday Clothing Fall 2014 28 Cozday Clothing Fall 2014 4

The company promises to feature designer pieces inspired by our favorite shows, movies, comics, and video games. Handmade with high quality fabrics, these items are anything other than your typical geeky fare.

Cozday Clothing Fall 2014 46 Cozday Clothing Fall 2014 33

The current line features pieces inspired by two sci-fi favorites, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica. The prices range from $75 – $335, but if you pre-order before Oct 1st, you can nab many of these at a discount.

Cozday Clothing Fall 2014 42 Cozday Clothing Fall 2014 3

Which is your favorite piece? I’m really loving that Chain Dress in Berry. I think it would look great at a formal event. Here’s hoping the launch goes well and we get even more great fashion pieces!

(All images belong to Cozday)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Cozday and are not compensated for our recommendations or reviews.)

3 comments on “Cozday Clothing: Geek Fashion with a Designer Twist

  1. Gina F. says:

    I’ve been a silent lurker on this blog for some time, but I came out of the woodwork to say this is really exciting to see. I went to the SDCC fashion show and I really loved what I saw (including your guys’ outfits of course!). I don’t have too much time for full-on cosplay myself, but I love the idea of casual everyday cosplay like this, or ‘inspired outfits’. One of my favorite pieces I got from SDCC this year was the We Love Fine Star Wars bomber jacket – so stylish and yet so geeky at the same time!

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