SDCC and Her Universe Present the First Geek Couture Fashion Show


It’s been quiet around here lately, and today’s post will explain just the reason! As many of you know, San Diego Comic Con happened recently, and with it came the first ever Geek Couture Fashion show. Scruffy and I were both lucky enough to be chosen to participate along with 34 other designers from around the country. I have to say, the competition was fierce!geek_couture

I wasn’t really sure what to expect since this was the first year, but Ashley and her staff really put together something great. To recap, 36 designers were chosen to create a unique look based on various geeky licenses. These designs ranged from ready-to-wear outfits to extravagant gowns.

arcee 10527353_649440454789_3701050561942933122_nPortal Illustration

Arcee  by Tara Reich, Ventress by Hannah Kent, Portal by Sadee Umrapal

_MG_5855 The designs then premiered on Thursday evening of SDCC on a 70 foot runway in front of an audience of 1000 people. Once the show ended, two winners, one audience and one judge, were chosen to be co-designers with Her Universe on a new line for  _MG_7224_closeHot Topic.

The designers ranged from hobby sewers to professional fashion designers, but most of all, they were all very passionate about their fandoms, which really came through in their designs.  I met some really wonderful people back stage and loved looking at all the details and discussing different inspirations and techniques for their garment.

Of course, the biggest part was the runway show. Designers were encouraged to wear their own designs, but many opted for models as well. Both Scruffy and I decided to make our runway debuts at the show. Talk about intimidating!

However, all went well, and the audience really responded and made the whole experience loads of fun.

godoffashion-color _MG_6345
Loki Design by Betsy Wadell

At the end of the show, it was time to find out who had won. I definitely didn’t envy the judges or audience given how many great designs there were. In addition to the winners, they also chose some honorable mentions.

For the judge’s award, the winner was Amy Beth Christenson Smith with her outfit inspired by the Delorean from Back to the Future. There was a ton of great detail in this including a bracelet that had the time displays.

_MG_5812 _MG_5822

The two honorable mentions were Leetal Platt with her Dalek wedding dress and Cressie Lewis with her Hobbit wedding dress (those are pages of the book screen printed onto her ruffles!)

_MG_6526 _MG_6606

For the audience award, which was no surprise was Andrew MacLaine with his stunning transforming Regina design from Once Upon a Time.

_MG_7439 _MG_7472

Check out this video of the transformation:

The two honorable mentions were Sam Skyler with her Pokemon inspired outfit (loved that jacket!) and Lauren Bregman’s Effie inspired gown from the Hunger Games.

_MG_6238_close _MG_6272 _MG_5542

Would I participate in the show again? Absolutely! SDCC had such a great response that they’re dubbing Thursdays as Fashion Show night. I definitely have some ideas for next year and after seeing what people came up with, I know I want to push my designs even further.

Check out the rest of the designs from the show below:

_MG_5542 _MG_5546 _MG_5587 _MG_5591 _MG_5638 _MG_5644 _MG_5678 _MG_5692 _MG_5730 _MG_5738 _MG_5812 _MG_5822 _MG_5855 _MG_5859 _MG_5888 _MG_5895 _MG_5906 _MG_5952 _MG_5960 _MG_6014 _MG_6037 _MG_6108 _MG_6112 _MG_6139 _MG_6151 _MG_6180 _MG_6192 _MG_6228 _MG_6230 _MG_6238_close _MG_6272 _MG_6280 _MG_6345 _MG_6355 _MG_6393 _MG_6400 _MG_6443 _MG_6454 _MG_6489 _MG_6498 _MG_6526 _MG_6536 _MG_6544 _MG_6606 _MG_6607 _MG_6615 _MG_6648 _MG_6656 _MG_6704 _MG_6712 _MG_6728_close _MG_6740 _MG_6770 _MG_6783 _MG_6871 _MG_6878 _MG_6931 _MG_6939 _MG_6988 _MG_6989 _MG_6995 _MG_7038 _MG_7047 _MG_7089 14792168793_f1b0d5a879_k _MG_7114_close 14769122261_1ca06f6119_k _MG_7224 _MG_7246 _MG_7249 _MG_7298 _MG_7294 _MG_7303 _MG_7331 _MG_7348 _MG_7352 _MG_7400 _MG_7403 _MG_7405 _MG_7439 _MG_7448 _MG_7450 _MG_7454 _MG_7472

If you want to check out more info on the designers, Her Universe will be doing a feature on each one every day for the next several weeks. Did any of you go to the show? Which was your favorite? Any of you interested in participating next year? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!


(Photos by jStemmer Photography, Rachel Williams, and Kathy KayDee)

7 comments on “SDCC and Her Universe Present the First Geek Couture Fashion Show

  1. B says:

    That Regina outfit is AMAZING. But really, all the designs look great. I’m bummed I missed this.

  2. Awesome! Thank you for posting about your experience and showing all the designs! I want to agree with you that the staff of Her Universe was absolutely amazing: so nice and always having the time to listen to you no matter how busy they were. It may have been their first production at SDCC, but their confidence and organization made it seem like they have been doing this for years!

  3. Thank you much for sharing this! The designs are awesome and I would love to see next year’s show. I want to go to SDCC, but the tickets always sell out so fast, any suggestions on how to get them?

  4. […] can see a gallery of all the outfits here: (scroll down towards the bottom of the post): (My apologies as I was trying to upload them all here, but can’t seem to get it formatted. […]

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