WonderCon – Geek Fashion Panels


WonderCon is finally here! Lindz and I are looking forward to the chic geek outfits we’re sure to find some of your wearing over the weekend, and of fashionable merchandise to be found in the dealer’s hall. What we’re most excited about though, are the geek fashion related panels occurring over the weekend, and we’re sure you are too! Check below the cut for our list of the geek fashion related panels to be found at this year’s WonderCon:



Lindz and I were on this panel last year, and I’ll be returning again, along with the incomparable Leetal Platt of Cozday Clothing. This will be a great staple panel to attend for anyone interested in geek fashion!



If you can only hit up one panel during WonderCon, our vote is for this one one! We know many of you are quite eager to get details about this year’s Her Universe Fashion Show (YES, it’s happening!), and the results of last year’s winners’ work on the Hot Topic line they collaborated on. Lindz and I will be live-tweeting during this panel for anyone who can’t attend.



This might seem like an unusual panel to list, but we’re huge fans of Babs Tarr redesign of Batgirl’s outfit. Finally, someone who was approaching superhero clothing with realistic fashion and function in mind! This is sure to be a valuable panel to attend for those interested in costuming and geek fashion.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter if you want to catch our live-tweets of the Her Universe panel, and on Instagram as we post geek outfits and products as we find them throughout the weekend!

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