It Is Very Cold In Space – Wear One of These!



Not all of us can rock the cold of space with our rippling chest muscles exposed the way Khan could (and could he ever) . For the rest of us who would like to be a little bit warmer, and a lot more clothed, there’s a new release of Star Trek (and Star Wars!) themed Her Universe long-sleeved tees available at ThinkGeek!

Featuring a classic logo option and two movie quote options, it’s always great to see new Trek gear for women. Not going to lie though, anyone wearing the Spock quote hooded pullover clearly wants every fellow Trekkie around them constantly bursting into tears.


Spock Quote Hooded Pullover


Second Star Long Sleeve Tee


Star Trek Logo Long Sleeve Tee


Star Wars Logo Long Sleeve Tee

There’s also a 30% off sale currently going on over at Her Universe on select pieces, including some of my personal favorites:


Dalek Dresshun_dw_gallifreyfnm_type_copy

Falls No More Pulloverhun_st_cityontheedgeofforever_dolman_copy_1

City on the Edge Tophun_sw_bobafett_hoodtank_01_copy

Boba Fett Hooded Tank


X-Wing Dress

So what do you think of the new long-sleeved options? And are there any discounted pieces over at Her Universe you can’t wait to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook and Twitter!

(All photos belong to Her Universe and/or ThinkGeek)

(Disclaimer: Set to Stunning is not responsible for the quality of merchandise or your satisfaction. We have no affiliation or connection to Her Universe or ThinkGeek and are not compensated for our recommendation.)


2 comments on “It Is Very Cold In Space – Wear One of These!

  1. […] My absolute favorite piece of Her Universe apparel to date is the long sleeve Fangirl hoodie which was released last year.  I’m telling you this because Her Universe has just released some new Star Trek merchandise which is exclusive to ThinkGeek and is a similar design.  There are two long sleeve pullovers that feature quotes from the series.  The Spock pullover says “I have been and always shall be your friend,” while the Captain Kirk long sleeve tee says “Second Star to the right and straight on ’til morning.”  The third tee displays the Star Trek logo.  The hooded pullover is $34.99 and the other two are $24.99 and all three can be purchased in the ThinkGeek online store.   (via Set to Stunning) […]

  2. […] It Is Very Cold in Space- Wear One of These! via Set to Stunning […]

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