Star Wars Style Challenge: Winners!



After, no joke, HOURS of deliberation, Lindz and I have made our selections for the winners of our May 4th Star Wars Style Challenge.

First off, we were absolutely overwhelmed by the variety and creativity of everyone’s outfits they shared with us! We had almost 40 outfits, which ranged from classic Artoo and Solo themed outfit, to self-made skirts and tops, to casual day wear looks and chic night time looks.

Secondly, we hope y’all will continue to enter our contests and giveaways for future opportunities to win great prizes! We thank you so much for your interest and support of our blog, and enthusiasm to share your unique geek chic style.

Now, onto the winners!

1st Place: Sun_Raven


2nd Place: CTandCTComics


3rd Place: AnariaZarrel

10261056_1489633714586150_196340208_n4th Place: Arundo_Donax


Our first place winner gets first pick of our prizes, with each subsequent winner to select from the remaining prizes.

The prizes to select from are:

$50 Black Milk Gift Card

$25 Her Universe Gift Card

$25 Hot Topic Gift Card

1 Pair of Gold Bubble Leggings

Thank you again once again to everyone that participated, and we can’t wait to see what looks are shared in our future style challenges!

(Black Milk and Gold Bubble prizes were donated by their respective companies, Her Universe and Hot Topic prizes were purchased by us.)

8 comments on “Star Wars Style Challenge: Winners!

  1. Eva says:

    Oh yay!! I’m @arundo_donax 😀 these are some crazy awesome prizes!! Thank you guys for running fun challenges like this!

    • Scruffy says:

      We’re thrilled to have so many great entrants, Eva! Congrats on being one of our selections 😀 We’ll shoot you an Instagram message once the other winners have gotten back to us.

  2. andra says:

    @ctandctcomics here- thanks so much!!!!

  3. Christine says:

    The Rebel Pilot Dress that won 2nd place was handmade over at Ohme Threads on Etsy :] So stoked to see Andra won!

  4. […] and accessories out and about and winning contests! Please click the link to check out the fabulous Set To Stunning Blog and full contest […]

  5. andra says:

    eagerly awaiting picking a prize! wanted to make sure you know where to reach me =]

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